Platform Sneakers




Reebok Platform Sneaker

A little lift, a little style and little flare goes a long way with Reebok’s Platform Collection. This new collection has an exaggerated platform midsole for an amplified and bold look. And the eye-catching silhouettes in icons like the Classic Leather SP Extra Platform and Club C Extra Platform bring a chic attitude that can be totally understood once you put them on.

Classic Leather SP Extra Platform

It’s hard to take something so classic and elevate it, but the Classic Leather SP Extra Platform shoe did just that. An evolution of an icon, the added height in the midsole gives it a unique attitude with a laid-back vibe. It’s tall, lightweight and gives you a bold look.

Club C Extra Platform

Add that extra something to your athleisure vibe. The classic model holds true to its tennis court roots, and once you lace up these vintage kicks and you’ll feel how lightweight they are with platform soles and a raised attitude. See how good you look and feel in the Club C Extra Platform once you get a new view from all that lift.

The Platform Sneaker

The full collection of tall, lightweight shoes each has a story to tell. Each with a platform sole and each with a unique mix of boldness and subtleness, so it’s quiet-loud, the type of style you can pull off with any look and on any day.

The platform sneaker kicks your apparel game up a notch. Mix and match wardrobe staples and new essentials and build styles that you never thought possible, especially when paired with two icons— the Classic Leather Platform and Club C Platform.

The only question is, are you ready to elevate your style and lift up your outfits to a new stratosphere of cool?