Men's Basketball Shoes



Down in the paint or hitting a smooth jumper. Our men’s basketball shoes will give you the swagger of a pro. And they’re comfortable, too.


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Basketball Shoes For Men


You don’t need to be on the court to show off the designs in our collection of men’s basketball shoes. In fact, you don’t even need to necessarily be a fan. Trend-setters, sneakerheads and basketball players can all unite over the style details and comfort in this collection that covers past and present style. A range of high top and low top basketball sneakers showcase fresh colors and old-school vibes that can win the heart of anyone who loves the history of basketball or who simply has an eye for retro style. Basketball shoes like the Shaqnosis were born on the court and approved by legends, while renditions since the ‘90s have put a stamp on culture. The Pump originally helped break barriers with innovative comfort and technology in the 80s, and since, several iterations have been created to help you elevate your everyday look. Show you know and love basketball or show off your retro style eye.

As far as technology and perks are concerned, our men’s basketball shoes are hard-charging, light and responsive. Released in 1989, the original Reebok Pump debuted with a unique cushioning system in the tongue to help lock the foot into the shoe. This customizable fit is now referred to as the signature Pump technology. Point guard Dee Brown famously repped it on the in court in the ‘90s. This technology makes an appearance in our modern line of men’s basketball shoes, including in iterations designed for the street. 


There are pros and cons to both high and low top basketball shoes for men. On the court, High top basketball shoes are heavier than their low top counterparts, but they offer the benefits of added stability and ankle support by lacing up higher and providing more cushioning. Because high tops have been a staple in basketball sneakers for so long, they make a strong style statement that show you know the sport. Conversely, low top basketball shoes for men are lighter on the feet and provide a more modern, fast and sleek look. They nod to basketball heritage, but don’t necessarily take command of your look and fit in effortlessly with your existing wardrobe. If you value support for your foot and ankle, our men’s basketball high tops are a great choice. That said, both styles of shoes are optimized for adding retro style to your lineup. Just don’t miss the latest drops in our collection, and check in often because new releases sell out fast.