Club C




CLUB C: ‘80s Tennis Shoes

When it comes to the modern landscape of leather sneakers, the classic ‘80s tennis shoe holds its own. That’s especially true for throwback tennis shoes like the Reebok Club C.

The opposite of the futuristic function trend, ‘80s tennis shoes don’t stray far from their origins. And while they may be referred to as retro tennis shoes, they’re definitely not just for tennis. Not by a long shot. Everyone can rock Reebok’s comfortable ‘80s tennis shoes and rep the old-school trend.


The Club C wasn’t inspired by ‘80s tennis shoes. Back in 1985 it defined them, with a name that truly evokes the image of an ace serve. So, it should come as no surprise that the “C” stands for “Champion.” When you want to make a statement, retro tennis shoes like the Club C speak louder than words

In the last few years, all sorts of new sneaker tech have emerged. But the Club C doesn’t follow trends. The white 80s tennis shoes champion their own path. No knits, no space-age foams, no rethinking of the shape. While reinvigorated for the modern-day wearer, these retro tennis shoes don’t shift far from their origins, adding throwback appeal to your wardrobe. The ‘80s tennis shoes feature padded ankle support and a classic white upper, while the terry cloth inner lining serves as a nod to the Club C’s tennis roots. It’s the same ‘80s shoe that graced tennis courts and captivated sneakerheads. In fact, the vintage-inspired shoes have since become one of the most talked about trainers of all time.


Like the Club C, some shoes will never go out of style. That’s because they don’t belong to a different time; they’re timeless. And they thrive through every era. The Classic Leather, for instance, derives from 1983 and remains an icon in casual wear thanks to its sleek, but simple design. Its soft leather upper and EVA midsole provide superior comfort, lightweight cushioning and maximum durability. Explore our array of Classic Shoes and discover why some sneakers are here to stay.