Pride Shoes & Clothes



The Reebok Pride collection, designed to uplift the LGBTQIA+ community. Created in partnership with Reebok’s LGBTQIA+ Employee Resource Group.


Behind the Design

Hear from footwear designer Haleigh Roy about her inspiration for and connection to the collection. Nodding to tie dye and celebratory confetti, she dives into the details that make this drop special.


In honor of Pride Month, Reebok is donating $10,000 to The Boston Alliance of LGBTQ+ Youth (BAGLY). Formed in 1980, BAGLY is a youth-led, adult-supported organization committed to social justice, and creating, sustaining, and advocating for programs, policies, and services for the LGBTQ+ youth community of Massachusetts.

The Reebok Pride 2024 Collection

Designed in collaboration with Reebok’s LGBTQIA+ Employee Resource Group, Colorful Soles, the overarching inspiration for this Pride "Unity" Collection was to celebrate community. These Reebok x Pride outfits nod to tie-dyed garments often seen at Pride parades and colorful confetti popped off in celebration. To the designers, the collection is a representation of Reebok’s and Reebok’s employees' commitment to spreading inclusivity and unity while remaining authentic to LGBTQIA+ voices.

Behind the Design

The goal when designing this collection was to bring the joyful and celebratory spirit of Pride Month and Pride parades into the styles. The mantra FOR ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY is more than just the slogan on the apparel, it’s a concept woven through the collection. The designers focused on creating a range of clothing and sneakers with a wide appeal to ensure anyone can represent the community in a way that feels comfortable to them. Because Pride is a personal feeling, they created styles that can either joyfully shout or peacefully whisper the message of love and unity that the Pride community stands behind. There’s not just one "look" or true form of Pride, which is why there’s a range of styles anyone can feel proud to wear.

Pride Shoes and Pride Outfits

Splashed across all the Reebok x Pride 2024 apparel styles is the motto FOR ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY in a wavy rainbow design. Shop tees, hoodies, shorts and sweats to build comfortable Pride outfits for the Pride Parade and to wear all Pride Month long.

The capsule features three different shoes to suit your individual style. With a more subtle design, the Pride Classic Leather features rainbow stitching, colorful edges, and a rainbow marble ice outsole to mimic confetti. The Pride DMX Comfort+ has more pops of color with a tie-dye graphic on the tongue and lining in addition to rainbow stitching and rainbow outsole. The boldest style is the Pride Nano X4 with a full rainbow tie-dye inspired graphic across the upper and rainbow details on the tongue.

LGBTQIA+ Celebration

The aim of this Pride 2024 collection is for you to authentically celebrate what makes you, you. However you choose to mix and match Reebok x Pride styles during Pride Month, do it with a sense of celebration. Whether you’re more subtle or more bold, when you take pride in you, everything shines.

Each year, Reebok supports the LGBTQIA+ community with new Pride collection pieces and partnerships. Our ongoing efforts are meant to solidify and support the fight for equity and justice for all people.