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All Terrain: Trail Running Shoes

Break free from the roads and treadmills. Let your run take you on an adventure through trails and tough terrain. Reebok’s collection of all terrain trail running shoes are designed for traction and stability so you have the confidence to take your run anywhere, from trails to obstacle course races.
Shoes to help you tackle any and all terrain
Unlike regular running shoes, trail running shoes are specifically built for your off-road needs. Built to provide all surface traction and grip, our trail running shoes feature strategically placed outsole lugs and rubber. Foot protection and support is also crucial for trail runs, which is why we design shoes with additional support in key wear areas across the shoe, including the toe, lateral and medial side walls, and midfoot.
Obstacle course racing shoes
When you’re running in obstacle course races, you need running shoes that are as tough as you are. Your OCR shoes should offer complete durability and traction so you can tackle any obstacle ahead of you without worrying about your shoes. In addition to being durable, these obstacle proven shoes are lightweight and can even help prevent the build-up of water and mud. Strategically placed water drainage ports allow water to drain quickly and easily away from your feet.