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Boxing Boots & Combat Trainers

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$89 - $100
<h2>Boxing Boots</h2>No matter what ring you climb into, you’re going to want to climb in wearing the Reebok boxing shoes. Built to go all twelve rounds, Reebok’s boxing shoes give you the control you need so you can focus on delivering quick jabs and uppercuts. Designed with the perfect combination of style and performance, our boxing boots will support every quick move you make while fighting, sparring or training. So you can train toe-to-toe until you get that TKO. But any seasoned fighter knows that boxing boots can only cover what you do in the ring. Once you step out, you’ll need something for your endurance training. In addition to our boxing shoe, Reebok offers additional styles like <a class="gl-link" href="/us/training-shoes">training shoes</a>, <a class="gl-link" href="/us/crossfit-shoes">CrossFit® shoes</a> and <a class="gl-link" href="/us/lifter-shoes">lifters</a> so you can train insane.<h5>Boxing Boots and Training Shoes: The Difference</h5><p>If you’re an avid CrossFitter, then you know our CrossFit® shoes are built to give you grip in the box. But if you’re looking to cross over and bring your energy to the ring, Reebok boxing shoes will become your new go-to. Does a CrossFit, training shoe and boxing shoe provide stability to your sole? Sure, they all can both do that. But only our boxings boots can bring you the support your ankles need with an ankle strap and synthetic overlay upper to add lateral stability while you spare.</p><p>Don’t do CrossFit but want to get into lifting so you can give your KO some power? No problem. Leave the boxing boots in the ring and grab our powerlifting shoe. The Reebok powerlifting shoes are designed specifically to provide specialize stability while you lift. Leaving the boxing boot to tackle those quick maneuvers that happen in the ring.</p>