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Compression Shorts


Compression Shorts

What’s the big deal with compression shorts? The general idea is that the ultra-snug fit helps with circulation during activity. Short runs, long rungs and different workouts might require different compression shorts and compression accessories. (And BTW—shorts for running are not exactly the same as compression shorts.) Take a look at our selection of compression shorts for runners, compression socks, and compression t-shirts. The different options might get your blood pumping.
Graduated Compression Sock
For the marathon runner, just wearing compression shorts for running might not be enough. Consider adding gradual compression socks to your must-have list. Starting at the ankle, the compression sock creates a super snug fit and the pressure gradually lessens as it reaches your knee area so you can log the miles with full support.
Compression Shorts
Not a distance runner? No problem. Hustle comes in all forms and maybe gym workouts are more your thing. Bring on the compression shorts. Reebok compression shorts and tights provide a supportive feel plus breathable comfort. And most of our compression shorts and tights are designed with sweat-wicking fabric for cool, dry workouts. Compression shorts for running also offer a flatlock seam that lies smoothly against the skin for chafe-free movement.

Need more than just compression shorts for training? Take it to the next-level and add a compression t-shirt. Like our compression shorts, our compression t-shirts are made of breathable, moisture-wicking fabric for cool, dry comfort. The stretchy compression fit follows every move, while flatlock seams lie smoothly against the skin to prevent chafing.

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