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Compression Socks

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Compression Socks for Running

What’s the big deal with compression socks? The general idea is that the ultra-snug fit helps with circulation during activity. Short runs, long rungs and different workouts might require different compression socks. (And BTW—socks for running are not exactly the same as compression socks.) Take a look at our selection of compression socks, the different technologies might get your blood pumping.
Graduated Compression Sock
For the marathon runner (and we aren’t just talking about a half mile jog) not just any socks for runners will do. You need compression socks for running that will support you for miles. Our graduated compression socks for running work from the bottom up. Starting at the ankle, graduated compression socks for running create a super snug fit and the pressure gradually lessens as it reaches your knee area. The thought is (aside from making you look like a tough athlete) that it helps increase your blood flow while you go for those miles.
Regular Compression Socks
Not a distance runner? No problem. Hustle comes in all forms and maybe CrossFit is more your thing. Which is why we’ve designed compression socks for CrossFit. They’re engineered to live up to the trials you take on. This particular compression sock features an ergonomic right and left design that stabilizes the feet during heavy lifts, while the compression fit supports muscle recovery. Plus, some of our compression socks feature COOLMAX® yarn—a fabric designed to absorb moisture so you can focus on crushing your goals.