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Rewrite History

A present from the past and future.

Flintstones Jetsons


Reebok Flintstones x Jetsons Shoes

Worlds collide with the collaboration of Reebok Flintstones shoes and Reebok Jetsons shoes—and history is reinvented.

They say fashion repeats itself, but what happens when you have one foot in the past and one in the future? A collaboration so iconic, that history may just rewrite itself and a partnership for the ages is revealed. Flintstones sneakers and Jetsons sneakers celebrate two of the most beloved animated families in history—and it's this essence of celebration that is at the core of the Reebok Flintstones x Jetsons shoes.

Reebok Flintstones sneakers feature patterns and styles as a nod to the pre-historic outfits seen on the streets of Bedrock. Meanwhile, the Reebok Jetsons sneakers feature pristine and clean tones of those seen in the skies of Orbit City.

And each of the Flintstones sneakers and Jetsons sneakers feature characters from the beloved shows from Fred Flintstone to George Jetson, to Wilma Flintstone and Jane Jetson and mascots Dino and Rosey the Robot.

And though Fred Flintstone spends every day kicking dirt around to propel his car, you won’t want to scuff up the Reebok Flintstones shoes because their style will take you places style-wise. But even if you did, these Flintstones sneakers can take a little bit of wear because the Classic Leather, Zig Kinetica II are designed to be worn daily.

And even though George Jetson flies high in the sky, Reebok Jetsons shoes are grounded in style that is meant for every day. You can step out in style with the Jetsons sneakers because they give you comfort and support—from Classic Leather Legacy AZ to Nano X1 to Club C.

Bottom line, no matter what century you live in, Reebok Flintstones x Jetsons shoes are in style.