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Gum Sole Shoes

Sneakers have become a style staple in many people’s wardrobes, and for good reason. They’re comfortable enough to wear all day and come in so many styles that they’re the perfect way to express yourself. You can even elevate a smart casual outfit with the right shoe if you play it just right. But there is one style of sneakers that has remained more relevant than any other (so far), which have been around since the beginning: the gum sole shoes.
The World’s 1st Gum Sole Shoes
Before shoes were soled with rubber, the soles of shoes were made from leather right up until the 1890s. However, the first rubber sole sneakers as you know them today didn’t turn up until 1917 in the form of plimsoles; pioneering cost-effective shoes with a canvas upper and a rubber sole. And these were the precursor to the gum sole shoes you pound the pavement in and kick off at the end of a long day, today.
Are Gum Sole Shoes Really Made of Gum?
Calling our modern incarnations gum sole sneakers can be a little misleading as this implies that gum sole shoes are made from natural gum. There are natural gum sole sneakers out there, but a natural gum sole is heavier so it’s not the obvious choice for athletic footwear. In reality, most gum sole sneakers have soles made from a synthetic rubber that comes very close to the traditional gum sole in terms of performance and looks.
An Athletic Footwear Icon
It’s for this reason that some athletes swear by them, thanks to the better grip offered by gum sole shoes. Not to mention their classic good looks that are at home in the gym, on the court and running the streets. The versatility and heritage of gum soles is something that inspires our designers at Reebok.

And this has resulted in the development of many shoes for our range of men’s gum sole shoes, as well as no shortage of styles in our women’s gum sole shoes. Check them out.