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Instapump Fury Shoes

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Instapump Fury 95 Shoes
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Maison Margiela Instapump Fury Memory Of Shoes
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Instapump Fury

In 1994, skeptics around the world said that a running shoe without laces wouldn’t work. However, with the release of the Instapump Fury running shoe, Reebok was able to prove everyone wrong. By removing the laces in favor of Reebok’s Pump Technology Full-Foot Chamber System and switching out the midsole for a GraphLite® bridge instead, the Instapump was able to be unbelievably lightweight while still fitting firmly to the wearer’s feet. Other key details of this sneaker include the Hexalite® technology in the heel for exceptional comfort and air cushioning, in order to soften impact while providing traction and stability via the hexagon-shaped lug pattern. The unique architecture of the Instapump Fury features very minimal overlays in order to provide ventilation and maintain the light weight of the shoe.

At the time of its release in 1994, it looked completely new. Now, over 20 years later, it still looks like it’s from the future. Today the Instapump Fury acts as a classic, comfortable, slip-on retro running shoe. The iconic style combined with the Pump-to-fit technology make this shoe a casual, yet head-turning choice for everyday wear. Now in a wide variety of styles and colors for both men and women, the Instapump Fury is sure to live on for generations to come.