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Hyped By Moms

Move through maternity in comfy activewear styles designed by moms to support your changing body. And loved by moms-to-be.



Maternity Workout Clothes

For the moms-to-be, Reebok’s collection of maternity workout clothes is the way to go for working out and hanging out. Our maternity activewear collection is full of comfy and chic styles for pre-natal yogis, spin lovers, strength trainers, walkers, stair climbers and loungers. Exercise during pregnancy improves the development of the baby and helps post-partum recovery both physically and mentally. That’s why affordable, comfortable and attractive maternity workout clothes are a must-have. Maternity workout clothes help you stay active during your pregnancy because the only bump in your workout should be your belly.

When you feel confident in your maternity workout clothes, you’ll feel better about getting your workout in. Premium high-stretch fabrics adapt for every trimester and the versatile styling can take you from workout to wherever. Shop maternity clothes like leggings, tank tops, nursing sports bras and long sleeve tops with supportive, adaptive and distraction-free construction. Designed to support moms throughout pregnancy, our designs support your baby bump as it grows so you don’t need to get new maternity workout clothes as your due date approaches. And not only does Reebok’s maternity activewear look and feel good—it’s not too expensive like other brands.

Made with ultra-stretchy and soft moisture-wicking fabric without bothersome seams, Reebok’s maternity workout clothes are thoughtfully designed to be comfortable throughout your whole term. We’re talking soft, breathable and supportive fabric that’s not itchy, warm or restrictive—and no seams wherever possible. That means you can focus more on your moves and less on the fit. Whether you’re getting that sweat in, relaxing or running to doctor’s appointments, maternity activewear is sleek and versatile for whatever you’re doing and wherever you’re going.

And the moms have spoken—Reebok’s maternity workout clothes are highly rated with ratings of 4.8 stars and higher. Customers love that our maternity activewear fits true to size, remains snug after multiple wears and washes and stays put when moving.