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Down in the paint or hitting a smooth jumper. Our men’s basketball shoes will give you the swagger of a pro. And they’re comfortable, too.

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Answer IV Men's Basketball Shoes

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Basketball Shoes For Men

You don’t need to be playing ball to make every movement count. Make a statement off the court with a fresh pair of men’s retro basketball shoes. Make no mistake, these aren’t just basketball sneakers; they’re your show shoes, designed to stand out. Available in a variety of sleek styles, old-school vibes and fresh colors, there’s no time like the present to celebrate the past and represent the future.

Retro basketball shoes will no doubt enhance your sneaker credibility. An iconic pair says more about the wearer than words ever could. And as far as perks are concerned, retro basketball shoes are hard-charging, light and responsive – built for you to push past your limits and create your legacy.

Classics Men's Basketball Shoes

If you’re a sneakerhead, you’ll notice that some of our basketball shoes also happen to be iconic classics. Actually, iconic is an understatement. Our classic shoes have been turning heads and making history for decades. Take the Answer DMX, for instance: so ahead of its time during its release in the ‘90s and now one of the most influential classic basketball shoes of all time. Explore our array of Men’s Classic Shoes and discover why some sneakers are just here to stay.

High Top or Low Top Men's Basketball Shoes

It’s an age-old question and one that doesn’t have a definitive answer. Neither style of retro sneakers is necessarily better than the other. However, depending on your needs, each basketball shoe has its individual perks. High top basketball shoes are often heavier than their low top counterparts, but they offer extra benefits. They lace high enough to add extra ankle support – useful to those seeking hypermobility – and provide more cushioning on the inside as well. Unlike high tops, low top sneakers don’t come up around the ankle, but they’re lighter on the feet and provide a more modern, fast and sleek look. If you value support for your foot and ankle, our Men’s Basketball High Tops are right for you. But both styles of shoes are optimized for making a bold statement during your day to day.