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Designed for lifting, Legacy Lifter's signature raised heel and secure fit support you when you're supporting heavy weight.

Men's Weightlifting Shoes


Our men’s weightlifting shoes are dependable no matter the sets or reps. When the volume rises, so does the performance.

Lifter: Men's Weightlifting Shoes

Hit the gym harder with men's Reebok weightlifting shoes and take your workout to the next level. Our powerlifting shoes are the most versatile sneakers you can own, with impact absorption, arch support and a lightweight, flexible feel. Whether you’re focused on reps and looking to add muscle tone, or a fitness fanatic looking to best your max, you’ll find it easier to give that extra push with these weightlifting shoes. Our men's weightlifting shoes are your ideal workout partner for whatever workout you take on.
Why Weightlifting Shoes?
The right shoes make a difference and one of the more crucial decisions a lifter can make is what type of shoes they choose to lift in. From weathered athletes to the newer lifter, weightlifting shoes — or lifters — offer key benefits over traditional sneakers. Lifting shoes are increasing in popularity due to their added performance in helping athlete’s push their lifting to the next level. These men's weightlifting shoes are designed to support mobility and increase a lifter’s stability. If you’re in the weightlifting game and looking for some powerlifting shoes, be sure to check out Reebok’s lifters.
Powerlifting Shoes
Powerlifting shoes offer stability, comfort and phenomenal comfort, so you can raise expectations while you’re raising the bar. Weightlifting shoes are built for gym training and Reebok’s collection are ultra-lightweight. These weightlifting shoes come in a variety of colors, constructions and advanced features, so you can crush your PRs all while breaking a sweat. Trust your workout to the powerlifting shoes built for the task at hand.