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Men's Retro Running Shoes

Popsicle Classic Leather Shoes
Looney Tunes Instapump Fury 95
Smiley Instapump Fury 95 Shoes
Jurassic World LX 2200 Shoes
Eames Classic Leather Shoes
Eames Classic Leather Shoes
Eames Classic Leather Shoes
Smiley Instapump Fury Shoes
Classic Nylon Color Shoes
DMX Series 2000 Shoes
Smiley Classic Leather Shoes
Instapump Fury 95 Shoes
Kanghyuk Reebok Premier Road Modern Mid Men's Running Shoes

Men's Retro Running Shoes

Rooted in the 80’s, retro running shoes have transcended time and remain a part of Reebok’s future. Retro running shoes are available in a variety of silhouettes, designs and strong collaborations to create a look as unique as you. You’ll have your choice of timeless throwback running shoes—starting with classic running shoes.

Created in 1983, the Classic Leather retro running sneaker has become a street-style icon. Reebok’s current model stays true to the original silhouette of the throwback running shoes with a soft leather upper. And the support? Just as good, too. An EVA midsole gives you lightweight cushioning so you can take on whatever the day brings you.

But even an 80’s classic running shoe deserves a slight update. Reebok’s Alter the Icons Classic Leather retro running sneakers are given a modern makeover with bold color combinations from some of our most unique collaborators.

A follow up to the Classic Leather retro running shoes are the Classic Nylon. First released in 1991, Reebok’s Classic Nylon retro running shoes offer all of the same retro vibes as Classic Leather retro running sneaker but remixed with modern energy. Reebok’s Classic Nylon retro running shoes are available in bold, unexpected colors and one just simply isn’t enough.

Which is why in 1993 Reebok released the Aztrek. The retro running sneaker was brought back from the archives and features old school Hexalite technology with an aggressive tread and outsole. Authentic 90’s colors make their way around the soft faux suede upper. If you’re looking to flex your 90’s vibe, the Aztrek retro running shoes are available now. Also check out of latest article on The Best Retro Running Shoes to learn more about select styles and comfort.