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Supportive, high-performing picks that wick away sweat, reduce chafing and comfortably move with you when putting in the miles.

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Men's Running Clothes

When you’re trying to put the miles in on the track, treadmill or trail—men’s running clothes matter. Reebok’s high-performance running apparel is full of technology to keep you comfortable and safe as well as improve your workout.

Men's Running Shirts & Jackets

When you’re running, the last thing you want to be thinking about are the men’s running clothes you’re wearing. If you’re trying for PRs or prefer running distance, you need running gear to keep you comfortable. Reebok’s running shirts are made of lightweight, stretchy fabric that allows for a full range of motion as you increase your stride. Even better, Reebok’s running clothing is made with fabric made to keep you cool. Some of our men’s running apparel feature mesh panels that add extra ventilation and sweep away sweat. Other clothing styles feature lightweight moisture-wicking fabric. Whether you’re training for the running portion of a triathlon or going on an easy jog, you can stay comfortable and focus on your pace in stretchy slim-fit running shirts that get you moving in style and without restriction.

When it comes to men’s running clothes, you need good lightweight and breathable running jackets for those early morning or late-night times when you hit the road running. Reebok’s running jackets are made with sweat-wicking fabric and mesh panels for ventilation and breathability so you can stay warm when you’re just getting started running and stay cool when you’re in the zone. And, for those who love running at night, reflective accents on our men’s running clothing provide added visibility in low light.

Men’s Running Shorts and Running Pants

From sprints to 5Ks to marathons, you should be wearing comfortable men’s clothing when running. That’s why Reebok makes running shorts in three different lengths (3 inches, 5 inches and 7 inches) and running pants that are loose or fitted (running tights). Performance is a key element of running gear, so Reebok’s running shorts and running pants feature drawcord-adjustable waistbands that provide a reliable and comfortable fit no matter how far you go. Sweat-wicking fabric helps pull moisture away from the skin on our running shorts (and all our men’s running clothes) so you can stay cool when running. For those who use running for intense training, our two-in-one running shorts feature fitted inner shorts or briefs that offer extra support and fit, while the woven outer shorts provide enhanced ventilation.

No matter the season, you’ll find the right running shorts and running pants in our collection of men’s running apparel to keep you comfortable in all temperatures, whether you go running inside or outside.