Men's Training Shorts

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Men’s Training Shorts

Cardio, lifting or something in between – there’s no question – comfort is key. Enter Reebok’s performance-cut men’s training shorts.

Available in vibrant or subtle colors and designs, our men’s workout shorts feature cutting-edge technology to keep you at peak performance. So play hard, train harder and channel your inner champion.

Men’s Training Shorts Benefits
When the temperatures heat up, men’s training shorts cool you down. That’s all thanks to Reebok’s Speedwick technology, which sweeps away moisture from your skin – keeping you cool even when you work up a sweat. Even on rest days, when you just want to kick back and relax, men’s workout shorts can be your go-to and provide seamless movement, ultimate flexibility and constant comfort.
Find the Right Men’s Training Shorts For You
Of course, some men’s training shorts are built for specific workouts or activities. Running shorts, for instance, are shorter than sports shorts so that the extra fabric doesn’t bunch, rub or get in the way of you going the distance. Essentially, fast-paced activities demand shorter shorts. Keep that in mind as you explore our wide range of men’s workout shorts – made with strong support, easy movement and breathability in mind.
Men’s Running Shorts
Built for performance and comfort, Reebok’s Men's Running Shorts help you move freely all the way to the finish line. From the gym to the track to the playing field, these men’s training shorts are precisely what you need to continue to beat your best.
Men’s Sport Shorts
Gear up and push the pace with maximum mobility. Designed for workouts that involve heavy play, Men's Sport Shorts keep you cool even when the game gets intense. They’re ultra-lightweight, relaxed and made to move freely, so you can be the MVP in both look and feel, as well as the game at hand.