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Men’s White Walking Shoes

The best men’s walking shoes provide all-day comfort, so you can stay on your toes for whatever comes your way. Reebok’s white walking shoes help you attack the day, no matter what the day entails—from running errands to early morning strolls.

Make the most of each step and reach your ideal stride in the right pair of men’s white walking shoes. Our cushioned walking sneakers help keep you active while minimizing discomfort—keeping your feet comfy even after strolling for miles. No matter your destination, you can journey with a pair of everyday shoes.

Why Walking Shoes?
Walking shoes are built for the specific act of walking and the typical motions it entails. Flexible through the ball of the foot, walking sneakers are designed with arch support located further back on the inner side of the shoe. Since walking causes less impact to your feet than running, a walking shoe doesn’t need as much cushioning in the heel when compared to modern running shoes. Walking sneakers instead provide cushioning under the ball of the foot. Our selection of men’s white walking shoes ensure optimal arch support, a durable, traction-maximizing rubber outsole for grip, and shock absorption with each step.