We won't continue to accept the status quo.

Here's what we are doing about it:


We will invest $15 million over the next five years into Black communities and organizations focused on ending racial injustice.

We commit to funding and re-launching our Human Rights initiative that will support and honor the activists fighting racial injustice.

We will invest in university scholarships for Black students.

We will increase the focus of our non-profit school exercise program, BOKS, to Black communities.


We are developing a program to ensure fair and equitable hiring across Reebok. We will ensure bias-free hiring, increase representation and create more accountability and oversight. We are making a commitment to accelerate a program that redefines the way we interview in North America to ensure equity and increase diversity.

In the United States, we are changing our talent hiring practices, and by the end of 2021: 30% of all open positions (internal & external) will be filled with Black & Latinx talent. 50% of  all open positions will be filled with diverse talent (inclusive of all diverse categories, gender, sexual orientation, disability, veteran).

As part of our process for setting these targets, we are bringing on external consultants.


We have a Zero Tolerance Policy. Any violation will result in discipline up to termination. To ensure fairness and safety we are putting in place a third-party investigator to govern our policy and keep us accountable.

We are creating a global taskforce of internal and external partners from the BIPOC community to help ensure that we are holding ourselves accountable to these actions and goals.

We ask the public and our followers to do the same.

Going forward, we can do better. We will be better.   

Thank you to our Reebok BIPOC community for allowing us the opportunity to progress.   

These actions will begin to move us forward to a better tomorrow.