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Pocket Leggings

Lux High-Rise Leggings (Plus Size)
Lux High-Rise Leggings (Plus Size)
Lux Perform 3/4 Leggings
Lux High-Rise Leggings (Plus Size)
Lux 3/4 Leggings (Plus Size)
Reebok Lux 2 Leggings

Workout Leggings With Pockets

Phone? Check. Wallet? Check. Don’t let stressing about the little things get in the way of your daily grind. The staple of women’s exercise now has pockets. Yup, you heard that right. Workout leggings with pockets carry your essentials whether you’re crushing a workout or cruising the streets. These are more than just leggings with pockets. They’re everyday life essentials.

Lux Leggings

Reebok’s brand staple athletic legging now has pockets. Lux Leggings with pockets are crafted in premium fabrics and colorful styles. Moisture-wicking fabric with plenty of stretch to keep you dry and comfortable. Doesn’t matter if you’re on the go or getting after it, Lux Leggings with pockets are crafted to last. Secure your belongings and have a secure fit with the four unique leggings with pockets styles:

LUX LEGGINGS 2.0- Elevating the standard legging with sweat-wicking fabric, mid-rise waist, and pockets, of course.

HIGH-RISE- Designed for all the ways you work out. The wide, high-rise waist provides full coverage and a sculpted silhouette.

PERFORM TIGHT- Give it your all every day. They're made of moisture-wicking fabric with plenty of stretch.

TECHNICAL TWIST- Look your best and set personal bests. These women's leggings with pockets feature a bold technical-inspired design.

PureMove Tights

Workout leggings with pockets don’t need to sacrifice design. PureMove leggings are designed to complement your body’s unique shape. Motion Sense Technology provides targeted support that adapts to your movement. The next level fabric firms up during high-impact activities and relaxes during low-impact activities. The wide, high-rise waist offers full coverage and a flattering fit.

One Series Running

Tying your keys to your shoes are thing of the past. One Series Running leggings with pockets holds on to small essentials while your logging big miles. These women's tights are made of sweat-wicking fabric to help you stay cool and dry. Need to log some late-night miles? One Series Running Reflective leggings have reflective details to keep you safe. Always be ready to run.

Search no longer for the holy grail of leggings. Love fitness, value comfort, and secure your valuables with workout leggings with pockets.