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The Reebok x Nao Serati Pride collection celebrates true authenticity.

Pride Shoes & Clothes


Bold Expressions

Featuring bright chromatic colorways, the Reebok x Nao Serati Pride collection is about standing up and standing out.

The New Reebok x Nao Serati Pride Collection

This is all about bold expressions that celebrate true authenticity. Featuring bright chromatic colorways, this pride collection is about standing up and standing out. Each piece of this collection celebrates and inspires everyone who sees and wears it and gives you life in color.

Pride Shoes

Reebok x Nao Serati Club C has striking colors that take these classics to a bold new level and celebrate living life authentically all the way down to your sole. This pride collection’s Club C brings striking colors that take these classics to a bold new level. These pride shoes bring a striking rainbow accents that highlight the color of your individuality and are the perfect exclamation point paired with other pieces for a pride outfit that will turn heads.

Pride Clothes

The new Reebok x Nao Serati pride collection features chromatic fabrics and unisex styles, so your pride clothing brings bold expressions with a life of color. And the saturated styles bring boldness to the world. Create a pride outfit that has bold shades, bold style and bold personality—so you’re emphasizing your individuality with pride.

Pride Outfits

However you choose to mix and match Reebok x Nao Serati pride clothing and pride shoes, show the color that individuality brings to this world with bold saturated styles. Bottom line: this pride collection features the dynamic shared and textures that will make you stand out.

The aim of this collection is for you to be bold and be you—it’s to celebrate authenticity. Because when you take pride in you, everything shines—your personality, your look and your vibe. Reebok x Nao Serati, from pride clothing to pride shoes, is about standing up and standing out.

Because when you slip on your new pride clothes and step out, you’re making a statement of support that your pride outfit brings.

Reebok supports the LGBTQA+ community with new pride collection pieces and partnerships. And our ongoing efforts are meant to solidify and support the fight for equity and justice for all people.