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Print Running Shoes

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Brandin Cooks and Devonta Freeman for Print Run Ultraknit

In July of 2017, Reebok welcomed US football stars Brandin Cooks and Devonta Freeman to the family. Both players are known for their explosive power and quick bursts of speed on the field, and the Reebok Print Run Ultraknit is the perfect speed training footwear for their demanding workouts. Who better than Cooks and Freeman to support Reebok’s commitment to developing the best running shoes for the fitness community, especially when it comes to speed and power?
No need to choose between speed and power
Training for a sport like football involves a wide variety of dynamic, fast movements. While traditional running shoes are designed to move forward, not side-to-side, and some training shoes may not be built for quickness, Print Run Ultraknit provides the lightweight flexibility, breathability, support and fit needed to complete a variety of directional movements with speed. Whether your training routine calls for sprints, jumps, lateral moves or high-intensity cardio bursts, Print Run Ultraknit and other fitness products in the “Run Light” running shoes collection are designed to provide the best in versatility for run-based sports training.