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Sole Fury


Sole Fury

Sole Fury: A modernized revival of Split Cushioning Technology

In early 1990’s, Reebok radically broke away from conventional lifestyle shoes practice by entirely removing a section of the midsole—making it even more comfortable for standing all day. The unique design of the lifestyle shoes is centered around “Split Cushioning Technology.” The footwear industry was initially slow to accept the new design.

25 years later Reebok, the original inventors of Split Cushioning Technology, is taking note from its lifestyle shoes heritage with one mission: to advance its groundbreaking innovation even further with the Sole Fury (and possibly offer comfortable walking shoes that work as a lifestyle shoes). The ahead-of-its-time Split Cushioning Technology is seen as the go-to lifestyle shoes on the street, comfortable walking shoes and comfortable shoes for standing all day.

Pairing a street-level casual silhouette with city chic, the Sole Fury pulls inspiration from '90s running shoes, while an asymmetrical lacing system makes them stand out as comfortable walking shoes. The lifestyle shoes also feature a textured upper that’s constructed of neoprene and mesh for a high-fashion look that still remains performance-focused while being completely comfortable walking shoes you need to get after it.

The lifestyle shoes come equipped with distinct performance and aesthetic features, including:

  • 360° Breathability: Aerodynamic vents and engineered knit upper deliver enhanced breathability
  • Stability & Propulsion:Propulsion plate helps stabilize and propel stride by minimizing compression (comfortable shoes for standing all day)
  • Bold Aesthetic:Audacious colorways, layered mesh, chunky sole and nonconventional shoe lace strings

Comfortable shoes for standing all day? Check. Comfortable walking shoes? Yep.

Unleash your inner sneakerhead. Accelerate your movement and split from the pack with Sole Fury lifestyle shoes.