Training Shoes


Training and Workout Shoes

From functional training to powerlifting to CrossFit, your body moves in different ways, depending on your workout. For optimal training efficiency, you need shoes that support side-to-side strides, quick transitions, and freedom of movement. Reebok offers a breadth of options, no matter what kind of training you take on. Whether you're climbing ropes, hitting the weight rack, or doing plyo jumps, you'll have a shoe that offers stability, versatility, and comfort.
Everyday Gym Shoes
Varying your activity gets you better results, faster. That's why gym shoes designed for a breadth of workout options can take you from stair-stepper to strength training, with plenty of support along the way. Lightweight training shoes give you targeted traction for multidirectional movement at any speed.
Functional Cross-Training Shoes
Taking on functional training and CrossFit calls for shoes that enable a wider range of motion than running shoes provide. Lateral movements and powerful jumps require shoes designed specifically for cross-training, like JJ II or Speed TR 2 shoes, so you get maximum durability, lightness, and secure fit.
Workout Shoes for Lifting
Deadlifts, squats, or overhead presses, you're ready for your PR. When you're lifting, you need shoes with an optimal heel-to-toe ratio and a locked-down feel that support your technique. Weightlifting shoes like the Legacy Lifter are geared toward keeping you grounded, so you can press, pull, and lift with greater ease.
Combat Training
Boot camp classes, MMA moves, and combat fitness are increasingly popular for a reason. They get you moving in new, versatile ways — and your shoe has to keep up. Combat training shoes like the Combat Noble give you ankle stability, dependable traction, and enough air flow to keep your feet cool when the action heats up.

No matter your workout, our selection of men’s training shoes and women’s training shoes can help push you to new limits.