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It’s not plus size. It’s just your size. Find apparel from 2XS to 3X.

Additional Sizing Workout Apparel

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$16 - $25

Let's Drop the Plus

At Reebok, we’re inspired by an unapologetic energy. We constantly seek new ways to express ourselves. We’re motivated by women supporting each other. We know there is no one definition of who we are, and no ONE size fits all. So, we’re offering more sizes.

What exactly is standard sizing, anyway? How do you define regular? What is “average” when we’re talking loving the skin you’re in, in all shapes and sizes. Can we just free the body, already? Free from labels. Free from opinions. Free from boxes and shaming and debates. Our inclusive sizes range from 2XS to 3X. Since we can’t put our collective thumb on what makes a size “normal,” it’s time to stop grappling with what constitutes “plus size.”

Plus size shouldn’t have to mean shopping in a different section or for a different brand or double-crossing your fingers when shopping online because “plus size” can mean all kinds of things. Whether you’ve booked a yoga session or decided burpees are your chosen poison, our tights, bras and tanks avoid chafing, keep you dry, and move with you. So, you only have to worry about which products work best for your workout style and not whether your size is offered at all.

Our goal is to continue building dynamic functional products not for “standard” or “plus size,” but for a variety of body types – fashionable, reliable, comfortable gear designed for spin class, long runs and weekend errands. Whether you reach for traditional plus size or any other size, from bold Lux Tights to comfy-but-workout-ready hoodies, our inclusive sizing is engineered to fit your body. Labeling gear “plus size” won’t change that.

Let’s embrace all sizes, however they show up, in whatever form they come. And wherever your body is on your journey, we’ll be there. Ready to assist. Let’s say goodbye to plus size and instead we’ll simply aim to carry YOUR size.