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Women's Basketball Shoes


Confidence in your game. Comfort in each step. Our women’s basketball shoes are designed for enhanced performance and stylish looks from baseline to baseline.

Classics Black Power Rangers Question Mid Basketball ShoesClassics Black Power Rangers Question Mid Basketball Shoes

Power Rangers Question Mid Basketball Shoes


Women's Basketball Shoes

You don’t need to be playing ball to make every movement count. Make a statement off the court with a fresh pair of women’s retro basketball shoes.
Take The Lead
Make no mistake, these aren’t just retro basketball sneakers; they’re your show shoes, designed to stand out. Available in a variety of sleek styles, old-school vibes and fresh colors, there’s no time like the present to celebrate the past and represent the future.
Why Basketball Shoes?
Retro basketball shoes will no doubt enhance your sneaker credibility. An iconic pair says more about the wearer than words ever could. And as far as perks are concerned, retro basketball shoes are hard-charging, light and responsive – built for you to push past your limits and create your legacy.