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Women's Capris


Women’s Capris

Women's workout capris are so comfortable and versatile that you can go from fitness training to running errands to lounging at brunch without needing an outfit change. With a just-right fit, Reebok capris resist slipping down or riding up, making them ideal for whatever your day brings.
Move the Way You Want
Whether you're stretching through a yoga sequence or doing a HIIT workout, Reebok capri workout pants move with you. During morning runs, late-night lifting and more, you can stay cool and dry in capris designed for maximum versatility and breathability.

Our women's workout capris are best for fitness activities like:

  • Running
  • Cross-training
  • HIIT workouts
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Barre
  • MMA and combat training
Style Anytime
With a wide variety of prints and mesh paneling, you can switch up your wardrobe choices whenever you like with women's workout capris. Want a different length? No problem. Our pants selection includes leggings as well as shorts. Kick your fitness up to new levels with workout wear that works for you.