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Women's Classics Shoes


No need to check the watch, our women’s classic shoes are timeless. Turn heads with stylish designs and old school feels.

GL 1000 Shoes
Workout Plus 1987 TV Shoes
Club C 85 Canvas Shoes
Classic Leather Legacy AZ Shoes
Club C Double GEO Women's Shoes
Jurassic World Classic Leather Ripple Shoes
Jurassic World Beatnik Slides
Jurassic World LX 2200 Shoes
Club C Laceless Mule Shoes
Club C '85 Mule Women's Shoes
Classic Leather Legacy AZ Women's Shoes
SNS Classic Leather Legacy Shoes
Classic Nylon Color Shoes
Très Rasché Club C Legacy Diamanté Shoes
Eames Classic Leather Shoes
Smiley Classic Leather Pump 50th Shoes
Maison Margiela Club C Memory Of Shoes
GL 1000 Shoes
Maison Margiela CL Memory of Shoes
Club C Mid II Mountain Research Shoes
Aztrek 96 Women's Shoes
Club C 85 Women's Shoes
Classic Renaissance Ripple Shoes
Bolton Essential Shoes
Torch Hex Women's Shoes
Popsicle Classic Leather Shoes
Club C 85 Vintage Shoes
Classic Leather Shoes
Classic Leather Legacy AZ Shoes
Classic Leather Legacy Women's Shoes
Club C Double Geo Women's Shoes
Cardi B Freestyle Hi Shoes
Club C Double Geo Women's Shoes
Classic Legacy AZ Women's Shoes
Club C Revenge Pride Shoes
Club C Double GEO Women's Shoes
Beatnik Sandals
Club C Coast Shoes
Classic Leather Legacy AZ Women's Shoes
Princess Women's Shoes
Classic Leather Legacy Women's Shoes
Classic Nylon SP Women's Shoes
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Women's Classic Shoes

Our women's retro sneakers have been turning heads and making history for decades. From the Club C to the Classic Leather, the colors and styles created through the years are endless. A pair of women's old-school sneakers like these will no doubt enhance your sneaker credibility. Remember, there’s a reason these retro shoes survived while so many others rose and fell. If you want to fit in but always stand out, look no further than Reebok’s Classic Sneakers.

No matter how much time goes by, some shoes will never go out of style. Sneakers come and go, but these women's retro sneakers thrive through every era. The retro shoes we’re talking about don’t belong to a different time—they’re timeless. Explore our array of retro sneakers and discover why some shoes are just here to stay.

High Top Sneakers

Hit the court in style with Reebok High Top sneakers. These retro sneakers are supportive to the wearer’s ankles and useful to those with hyper-mobility. Whether you prefer a sleek, retro sneaker model like the Reebok Freestyle or a more futuristic approach, there’s a Reebok old-school sneaker for you. Bring your game to the next level with our High Top Sneakers collection.

Retro Basketball Sneakers

Reebok retro basketball shoes are inspired by the court life of the 80s and 90s. Now icons of streetwear style, basketball-inspired retro shoes make a statement because they bring the attitude and culture of old-school games from pickups to the pros. These throwback shoes are a closet staple for any sneakerhead who loves the style and look of retro basketball sneakers.