Low Impact Sports Bras



TIME Magazine named the PureMove Bra one of the world's 'Best Inventions’ of 2018 because it’s made with Motion Sense technology treated fabric that firms up more during heavy impact movements and less during low impact movements.


Take your sports bra to the next level with comfy compressive leggings and a sweat-wicking workout tank.


First, consider your cup size. The level of support you need is more related to your cup size and the density of your breast tissue than your workout impact level. Then, measure yourself and check the size charts to find your size (you might need to try a few). Finally, look at the amount of elastane or spandex to make sure you have enough (but not too much) stretch.
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Low Impact Sports Bras

For less intense workouts or for everyday wear, low impact sports bras are your go-to. Low impact sports bras are made for workouts like yoga, barre, golf, Pilates and walking. Why? Low impact sports bras are best for gentle movements that have a low level of bouncing. They aren’t ideal for workouts like running, spin, dance or kickboxing because low impact sports bras offer less compression and a lighter degree of support.

If you have smaller breasts (typically A-D) or prefer gentler kinds of fitness, low impact sports bras should be your top choice. If you have a higher cup size, you might prefer a medium impact sports bra for lower impact activities to give you a higher level of support. But if you’re looking for a sports bra for sleeping or lounging no matter your cup size, you can’t go wrong with a low impact sports bra. If you have a lower cup size, you might prefer a low impact sports bra and find them supportive enough for dance, hiking, or spin. The support and fit you want from a low impact sports bra is always up to what makes you feel most comfortable.

Whether you like to wear your low impact sports bra under workout gear or on its own, Reebok’s low impact sports bras are flattering and functional so you can own your look and move through your workout with total comfort and support.

Low Impact Sports Bras for Yoga

Whether you’re doing restorative yoga or power flows, fluid movements and isometric holds require a lighter level of support, so a low impact sports bra has you covered. Whatever your practice, you need to be able to inhale deeply, and because low impact sports bras offer less compression around your torso, you can breathe freely without distraction.

Low Impact Sports Bras for Walking and Golf

Low impact sports bras are also ideal for gentle everyday walks around the neighborhood and on the treadmill—just not power walking. You want to feel comfortable, rather than locked in, when wearing a low-impact sports bra because your movements don’t demand extra support. When golfing, you’re walking and making some upper body movements, but the movement isn’t sustained or bouncy enough to require a higher level of support than what a low impact sports bra offers.

Low Impact Sports Bras for Pilates and Barre

Like yoga, Pilates apparatus or mat exercises as well as barre have more fluid movements and isometric holds that need a lighter level of support, which you can get from a low impact sports bra. Slow and controlled exercises help define muscles without bouncing, so you can wear a low impact sports bra and feel comfortable building your strength.

PureMove Sports Bra

Made for every kind of workout, the PureMove sports bra features revolutionary fabric that reacts to your movements for absolute control and support. You can wear this as a low impact, medium impact or high impact sports bra—it’s that versatile.