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CrossFit® / February 2016
Austin Malleolo, Reebok Athlete & 5 x CrossFit Games Competitor

Why You’re Breaking this CrossFit Athlete’s Heart

With the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games Open just around the corner, this is the time of year when you have to make a very important decision, at least if you are a part of the CrossFit community…

To sign up or not to sign up...

“I can’t do it.” “I’m not good enough.” “It’s too much.” “It’s too hard.” “I don’t want to compete.” These are just a few of the hundreds of excuses I have heard in my time coaching at CrossFit boxes across the globe. And still, even after hearing these words over and over, they continue to break my heart because the Open is really not about “competition” or beating someone else. The Open is about beating your fears, your limits, and your weaknesses.

It only takes five workouts to prove what you're really made of...

The Open is a test. A test to see where you are at as an individual. A test to take on five workouts that are guaranteed to push you and throw elements your way that will be difficult, or at first glance, impossible. But then once you’re in the moment, surrounded by a group of people taking on those same challenges, you will be able to find unknown strength, speed, and passion—passion that will power you through that workout. And, the next four. 

The Open is a time for you to get that first double-under or muscle-up. It’s a time for you to PR your lifts. To put it simply, it’s a time for you to do something you have never done before, and sometimes more importantly, watch and scream for someone else at your box as they do. It’s about community and passion. We perform at our best when we are in a positive environment around others who are doing the same thing. It’s in those environments that special things happen. When you have to do something, more often than not, you’re able to do it. And thus, the power of the Open.

You've never experienced a community like this before...

The beauty of CrossFit is that it is universally scalable. Anyone—yes, anyone—can do CrossFit. The Open is an expression of that with its concept that we can all do a WOD together and get the same workout, relative to our abilities. We are a community that cares, and if you sign up for the Open, not only will you see this, but you will also see that you are capable of things that you never imagined when others are around to help get you there.

To sign up for the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games Open, click here

CrossFit® / February 2016
Austin Malleolo, Reebok Athlete & 5 x CrossFit Games Competitor