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Kick & Punch / March 2016
Maureen Quirk, Global Newsroom

Packed To Perform: Paige VanZant

Paige VanZant first caught our attention when fighting in the women’s Strawweight division of the UFC.

Recently, however, the 22-year old has also been making a name for herself in an place where few fighters have dared to go before: the dance floor.

While throwing punches and dancing the salsa are not typically thought of in tandem, one thing that VanZant has carried over from the Octagon to “Dancing with the Stars” is a killer sense of style.

A believer that “every girl’s workout staples should include super cute sports bras and yoga pants,” VanZant let us take a peek into her gym bag so we could see what she packs for practice—be that boxing or a dance rehearsal.

Combat Duffle Bag

Staying true to her fighter roots, VanZant carries her gear in the Combat Grip Duffle Bag that’s printed with the UFC logo on its side. Added bonus: the black bag pairs perfectly with any color combination – and VanZant attests that she loves “fun and colorful outfits” – ensuring her bag never clashes with that perfect gym look.


Designed specifically for fitness dance classes, the Hayasu shoe has proved ideal for VanZant when she’s in rehearsal learning a new dance with partner Mark Ballas. In her bag today is the black and white striped Hayasu, but VanZant admits to also owning the solid black color scheme.

Funny enough, she liked the trendy look of this shoe so much that she often wore it outside the gym before even signing onto “Dancing with the Stars.”

Printed Leggings

When it comes to workout apparel, VanZant says she picks pieces that are “cute and girly but comfortable and functional at the same time.”

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that her duffle is stuffed with several pairs of printed leggings, including the Yoga Graffiti Collab Tight and Reebok ONE Series Camo Tight. The funky patterns add a flair to her look, while the tight fit allows her to move quickly on her feet without baggy sweatpants getting in the way. If you’ve checked out VanZant’s Instagram, you’ll often see her pairing these statement tights with solid colored tanks like the Studio Favorites Burnout Tank.

Combat Crop Tee

Like them or hate them, crop tops are everywhere these days…even VanZant’s gym bag. Her personal favorite? The blue Combat Crop Tee that comes from our combat collection. She can wear it in training, then leave it on and still look trendy as she runs errands or meets up with friends after a tough sweat session.

Strappy Sports Bra

VanZant is a tough chick, but she still likes to add a fashionable touch to her training gear. Especially when she’s wearing an open back or drop-sleeve tank, the sports bra she has on underneath can make or break the outfit. VanZant has been training in the highly popularized Strappy Bra

When Paige takes on her hardest workouts, she opts for a higher impact bra such as the Hero Power Bra 2.0. The fighter says she likes her training gear to have “good body support and coverage,” and this bra provides her the support she needs to power through a tough training session.

You can shop all of Paige’s gym bag essentials here.

Kick & Punch / March 2016
Maureen Quirk, Global Newsroom