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CrossFit® / April 2016
Mischa Pearlman, Contributor

6 Exercises that Don’t Require a Gym Membership

Winter might be over, but that doesn't mean the weather is necessarily improving. April is a month notorious for its rain, which can make going to the gym a drag. Luckily it’s possible to still get the workout you need from the comfort of your home.

We spoke to three fitness experts and got their best tips and tricks for staying on track when the elements are working against your work out.

EXPERT 1: Alexia Clark, ReebokONE Ambassador

Burpees - I love the burpee because it works your whole body! They can be modified for all different levels. If you are a beginner, instead of going into a plank on the ground you can place your hands on a chair, step your feet back to do an elevated plank then step your feet back forward and stand. 

There are so many ways to advance this exercise. You could add a push up, mountain climber, or alternate between using only one arm for the plank at the bottom.

Sit to Stand - Find a chair or bench in your home or office and sit down then press through your heels and stand. To make this exercise more advanced use only one leg at a time. Make sure you keep your body and movements slow and controlled. You should not fall back down into the chair!

Plank Punches - This is a great core and arm exercise! Hold an elevated plank or floor plank on your forearms then alternate between punching forward. This is going to burn your shoulders and your abs!

Try doing each exercise for 60 seconds and repeat for 3-5 rounds!

EXPERT 2: Blair Morrison, Reebok Athlete & Author of 365 WODs

Wall Walks - All you need is a wall, inside or outside your house. Lay down on the ground with your feet toward the wall and walk your feet up into a handstand and then walk your hands back out. It's incredibly hard - it uses a lot of upper body strength, of course, so you have to have some core stability and coordination for it to work - but you can scale it to yourself.

Bearhugs - Go into a garage and look for anything the size of a medicine ball, like a pack of cement or mulch or a laundry bag, and you just pick it up and bear hug it. You can squat, lunge or walk with it and hold it to your chest.

EXPERT 2: David Jack, ReebokONE Master Trainer & Founder of activprayer

The Five 50 - This is a classic routine that we do. It's 50 jumping jacks, 50 body weight squats, 50 push ups, 50 mountain climbers and 50 short range crunches. You've got 50 of each of those movements that you've got to complete as quickly as you can in any order with good form. So the key is that you have to rest and catch your breath when you feel like you're losing your form. 

It’s important to not chase the clock - you're chasing quality. Make that 50th rep look as good as your second rep. 

You're looking at a 10-15 minute workout max and you don't need anything! 

The cool thing is there are numbers, which you can use as a guide to see if you've lost some of your fitness. It's a great way to check to see if you're still in shape.

CrossFit® / April 2016
Mischa Pearlman, Contributor