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Experts / June 2016

Your Excuses Just Won't Cut it Today

“I don’t have the time.” “I don’t have the money for a gym membership.” “I’m too tired.”

If working out isn’t a priority for you, you’ll find any excuse in the book not to do it—with time, money and fatigue ranking in as some of the top “reasons” for missing a workout. Everyone knows how beneficial exercise is to our overall health, yet we still find a way to put it off.

Well, not today.

If there’s any day of the year that these excuses just won’t cut it, it’s today—summer solstice.

Not only does the solstice mark the onset of summer and great weather, it’s also the longest day of the year, meaning there’s no excuse not to fit in a sweat session.

Summer solstice occurs when the tilt of the planet’s axis is most inclined toward the sun, at which time the Sun reaches its highest position in the sky, and thus, gracing us with the longest period of daylight we’ll see for 364 days.

So, we’ve got time covered, but what about the other two? With the nice weather here (finally), it’s time to break away from the four walls of the traditional gym and get outdoors. 

You don't need an expensive membership or fancy equipment to better your health; all you need is a good pair of shoes and some motivation. After all, the gym is everywhere.

In fact, getting outside for your workout has proven to be even more beneficial than sweating indoors. Don’t believe us? Here are three points that prove just that. 

You'll improve your mental health

Most of us work out for the physical benefits, but what does it do for our mind? Research shows that outdoor exercise is associated with increased energy while decreasing depression, anger and confusion when compared to exercising indoors. In studies conducted on the differences, participants who performed their daily workout in the sunshine reported enjoying themselves more and were more likely to do it again as opposed to those who were shackled to a treadmill. 

You'll absorb more vitamins

Speaking of sunshine, taking your fitness outside will increase your absorption of the essential Vitamin D. This fat-soluble vitamin is vital for strong bones and a healthy immune system, and can be attained via sun exposure. Of course, wearing sunscreen is always a must, but when the sun hits our skin, it creates this necessary vitamin that has also shown to increase metabolic functions, up endorphin production (those feel-good hormones) and even help you sleep better at night. 

You'll become more likely to stick with it

Making exercise into a habit is difficult, and the only way you’ll continue to push yourself is if you make it enjoyable. When you’re at the gym, it’s common to feel like people are watching your every move and criticizing you, making it more likely that you won’t fully enjoy your training session. Getting outside will allow you to move more freely and worry less about who’s watching or where you’re going next. That dose of happiness you get from being in the outdoors will increase your likelihood to get back out there the following day.

You’re probably stuck inside working all day anyway, so why not use your workout as a reason to soak up the sunshine (there’s over 14 hours of daylight today), feel the breeze and improve your overall health? 

Studies show that just 20 minutes of outside activity can hit you as much as one cup of coffee. So put aside the espresso and put on those sneakers.

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Experts / June 2016