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Experts / August 2016
Maureen Quirk, Global Newsroom

Say Farewell to Summer with 3 Killer Workouts

We can’t deny it any longer: Summer is coming to an end.

While the sun is every exerciser’s best friend (how can you not want to get out and run?), just because the weather is getting cooler and the days are shorter doesn’t mean your workouts have to end.

No, we aren’t about to lecture you on the benefits of year-round fitness. Instead, we’re inspiring you to get outside and soak up every last minute of vitamin D while you still can.

Whether you’re a beach-lover or a park-goer, Reebok trainer Jacqueline Kasen has a workout for you. Here, she’s programmed three workouts to help you say ‘sayonara’ to summer. 

Park Workout

Find a bench and you instantly have endless movement options to incorporate into a total body workout. She recommends starting out with a brief dynamic warm-up – perhaps a run to the park – before taking on this combination.

Perform 4 rounds of:

30 second maximum speed body-weight squats

farwell summer bodyweight squat

30 step-ups with high knees, alternating legs

farwell summer step ups

10 Bulgarian squats on each leg

farwell summer bulgarian squat

30 second modified elevated plank

farwell summer elevated plank

20 push-ups with leg extensions

farwell summer push up

15 supermans

farewell summer superman

Beach Workout

The sand adds an immediate challenge to your body’s balance and stability during beach workouts. Grab a pair of knee-high socks before heading out of the house, as you’ll be able to fill these up with sand once you arrive at the beach and use them as makeshift weights. 

Depending on your ability, use either one or two of the sand-filled socks to add more resistance to the following workout. Plus, if you plan on walking home, all you have to do is empty out the sand, and you won’t have the added burden (and physical test) of carrying the weights home.

Perform 4 rounds of:

20 renegade rows, alternating arms

farewell summer renegade row

15 squat to press on each side

farewell summer squat to press

15 wood choppers on each side

farwell summer woodchopper

15 bent over row with tricep extensions on each side

farwell summer bent over row

15 single leg RDLs on each side

farwell summer RDL

Field Workout

A field is ideal for performing sprint and hill drills. Trees, benches and lines on sports fields can act as natural markers, giving you measured destinations to run to, lessening the need for any physical equipment.

Perform 2 rounds of:

6 full field sprints

farewell summer field run

20 lateral lunges

farewell summer lateral lunges

3 hill sprints, walk down between each

farewell summer hill sprints

3 uphill bear crawls, walk down between each

farwell summer bear crawl

Got another favorite summer spot you’ve transformed into your gym? Let us know about it by tweeting @Reebok.

Experts / August 2016
Maureen Quirk, Global Newsroom