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CrossFit® / September 2016
Maureen Quirk, Global Newsroom

Coaches: The Ones Who Turn CrossFit into a Community

Ask a CrossFitter to describe their CrossFit box (in the odd instance they aren’t already talking about it), and you’re sure to leave the conversation knowing the name of at least one of their coaches.

Why? Because they’re that impactful.

Unlike so many – if not all – other sports, in CrossFit, the last person to finish is the one cheered on the loudest. The person who fails rep after rep is greeted with the same high-five as the person who cycles through Rx’d movements with ease.

It’s these unique characteristics that separate and define CrossFit, and it’s the coaches we owe thanks to for putting them into practice day in and day out. 

While day after day, they’re reminding us to keep our elbows up in a front rack and break parallel in a squat, CrossFit coaches serve a deeper purpose.

They create an environment where one can scale movements without being overcome by embarrassment, where neither the number on the scale nor the barbell define worth, where confidence is built rather than broken.

They transform a class into a community.

You don’t have to take our word for it, either. The Twittersphere is filled with CrossFitters praising, encouraging, and most importantly, thanking their coaches for the work they put in at the box.

Here are some of our favorites!

Has a CrossFit coach transformed your life? Tweet @Reebok to tell us about it. 

CrossFit® / September 2016
Maureen Quirk, Global Newsroom