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Studio / March 2017
Danielle Rines, Global Newsroom

5 Yoga Poses for Runners

Now that winter is dying down and spring is on the way, marathon season will be here before you know it. And it’s time to ramp up your training!

Enter: yoga.

You don’t have to keep your training to the trail or the track, stretching it out is just as important. In fact, yoga provides a different way for runners to build energy, endurance and core strength. 

“Not only is yoga a great way to de-stress and re-energize your body before or after a run, but the flexibility and strength that is built and developed on the mat can help you avoid injury and improve endurance for your run,” says Studio Manager of CorePower Yoga and instructor, Majesta Thorndike.  CorePower Yoga is a high intensity yoga workout. 

Yoga can also teach runners to block out the noise, build a mindset and recreate the feeling of calm experience on long runs.

“Yoga brings mindfulness to your life off of the mat,” says Thorndike.

Knowing that pace and stamina also play a role in a successful run, yoga can also help runners learn their rhythm. 

“Yoga is the perfect complimentary activity to running for more than just the physical benefits (which are amazing) but yoga helps you to slow down and breathe,” she says.

Thorndike says the environment of yoga, whether you’re in a studio or by yourself, provides runners with a sense of presence that will carry them through to the finish line.

“Nothing inspires you to slow down and find presence better than a heated room, great music and a flowing yoga sequence,” she says.

So marathoners listen up; Thorndike and a few fellow CPY instructors are breaking down the five moves to take you from the mat to the finish line.

1. Runners Lunge

You can keep this active by keeping your back knee lifted or make it restorative by surrendering you back knee to your mat. Stretches hip flexors, glutes and back muscles and also helps strengthen hamstrings and quadriceps.

2. Half hanumanasana (half splits)

You can keep your hips lifted or sit them back toward your back heel. Straighten your front leg and play with pointing or flexing your toes. This posture helps to stretch your hamstrings and calf muscles and also helps to strengthen you back.

3. Kneeling crescent lunge

This stretches hip flexors and psoas. To do this posture by planting your front foot slightly ahead of your front ankle and then press your hips forward to feel it in your hips! Add any variation with your arms to intensify the stretch!

4. Figure 4

You can do this standing or supine ( on your back):  This posture stretches your hips, glutes and lower back! To do this standing up, place your ankle on top of the your opposite thigh, then sit your hips down and back, like you are going into a squat! Hinge your chest forward. Do not forget to breathe in the one!

5. Skandasana (side lunge)

This stretches your inner/outer thighs, hamstrings and calf muscles! Begin by take a wide stance with your toes all pointing forward, lunge to the side and breathe! You can play with pointing and flexing your toes and also play with your arm placement to intensify the stretch!

What are your favorite poses to do before your run? Tweet @Reebok and let us know!

Studio / March 2017
Danielle Rines, Global Newsroom