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Running / August 2017
Natalie Chladek, Global Newsroom

Can you Beat this Guy at … Anything?

Luis Badillo Jr. is constantly on the move.

The Reebok athlete is known for his ability to run through, around and between agility ladders, drills and cones at a mesmerizing speed.

In fact, it’s tough to do anything faster than him … even everyday tasks like peeling a banana or lacing up running shoes.

“Racing always brings out my competitive state,” says Badillo.  “I like to test myself.  I worked hard to be quick and fast, and I embrace competitive challenges to see if I’m getting better and improving.”

The theme of improvement is a constant in Badillo’s workout regime. He is constantly striving to get faster, more explosive and more agile every day. 

“Everyday I’m always thinking of being quicker and better than what I was yesterday,” he says.

One reason Badillo is so committed to speed is his belief that speed affects all type of workouts.  

“Speed and agility are very important to any sport, it doesn’t mater what position you play or how old you are or how big you are,” he says.  “Speed and agility are two important factors that can separate an athlete from competition.”

And speed continues beyond the playing field too.  

Badillo credits his speed-focused mentality with keeping him quick in all situations. 

“The Miami traffic is real!” he says.  “When I wake up late in the morning and have to shower and brush my teeth fast, my speed and agility training helps.”

If you often sleep past your alarm, listen up. Badillo says learning proper technique is the key. 

“I focus a lot on my form and technique,” he says. 

“I try to keep my body relaxed and focus all of my momentum built off of explosiveness and quickness from the balls of my feet. I stay on my toes and pump my arms as fast as possible.”

Badillo says that the right mindset is crucial to moving fast.  He uses a visualization technique before every agility and speed drill he does.

“I try to visualize everything first in my head before I physically do it,” he says.  

“I’m moving so quick I won’t have time to think about it while I’m doing it.”

Above all, Badillo has become a master of speed because he thinks about it from the time he wakes up to the time he goes to sleep.

“I live my life fast and quick,” he says.  “I’m used to it.”

Think you can beat Badillo?  Tweet us a video @Reebok with the hashtag #printsmooth!

Running / August 2017
Natalie Chladek, Global Newsroom