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Experts / November 2017
Ali Cerasuolo, Global Newsroom

Channel Your Inner Stoop Kid With This Workout

For kids of the '90s, that cartoon city stoop is instantly recognizable—one we all know and love.

And, it’s a stoop (filled with colorful friends) we’re about to start seeing a lot more often!

Everyone’s favorite neighborhood stoop kids are set to return to television screens this November for their biggest adventure ever.

In 2002, fans were left with the ultimate cliffhanger—what happened to the parents?

Whether the forthcoming movie will bring us the answer we’ve been waiting a decade for is still to be determined, but while we’re waiting to find out, there’s no better time than the present to pay homage to the return of this nostalgic cartoon.  

“It was honestly one of my favorite shows,” says Reebok trainer and coach at New York City's Solace New YorkAndrew Mariani.

“I always got caught up in the stories. I even played it on demand in my dorm room in college a couple times,” Mariani admits.

How is this super fan channeling his built-up excitement as he awaits the movie release? With a workout inspired by the show’s most notable location: The stoop.

He has programmed movements that you can perform using the stoop as your only equipment.

“Use the stoop and your bodyweight to simulate movements you can do at a gym where you have equipment at your disposal, such as barbells, weights and dumbbells,” Mariani says. 

“You can basically work the same muscle groups as you would with those pieces of equipment by using everyday objects or environments, such as a stoop, in your workout,” he continues.

Mariani stresses that not only is this themed workout fun, but the change in routine also has benefits to your overall health.

“It’s important to stay varied in the way you move so your body doesn’t get used to one single workout,” he says.  

“Exercising on different environments and using your bodyweight versus equipment will challenge your body to work in a different way than it’s used to and create positive change.”

So, find a stoop and get to work!

Football Head Pushups


Place the hands shoulder width apart on one of the higher up steps on the stoop. Press into the step, keeping the hips, knees and toes in line and the core tight. Then, push the body back up to the original position. 

Neighborhood Pushups


Place the hands shoulder width apart at the ground of the stoop with the feet on a higher step. Press into the ground, keeping the hips, knees and toes in line and the core tight. Then, push the body back up to the original position. 

Shortman Step-ups 


Place one leg at the bottom of the stoop and the other leg two steps up with the knee bent. Step up, raising the knee above the step. In the same swift motion, bring that leg back down to its original position. For added momentum, bend the opposite arm while stepping.

"What You Say" Tricep Dips


Place hands shoulder width apart on a high step of the stoop. Legs should be extended straight out, touching the sidewalk. Keeping the back close to the stoop, bend the elbows and lower the body towards the ground. When the elbows are at a right angle, push up to return to the starting position.

San Lorenzo Mountain Climbers


Start in a plank position with hands extended, resting onto a higher step of the stoop, while keeping the hips and legs down behind. Jump the legs in one at a time, aiming for high intensity. 

Beeper King Split Squats


Start with one leg planted firmly on the ground while the other foot rests a higher step. Bend at the knee, while lowering the body down. Slowly raise back up. 

P.S. 118 Squats on Step


Stand on the second step of the stoop with one leg planted firmly and the other foot extended slightly out in front. Putting weight into the planted foot, lower the body into a squat, keeping the extended foot off the ground. Raise back up to the original position, never letting the extended foot hit the ground.  

Planning to give the workout a try? Tweet @Reebok to let us know which movement was your favorite. 

Experts / November 2017
Ali Cerasuolo, Global Newsroom