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Experts / November 2017
Maureen Quirk, Global Newsroom

Do This Den Workout When Home for the Holidays

The smell of freshly baked pie. The eye rolling from your mother-in-law. The inability to fall asleep in that twin bed that you’ve long outgrown. All signs point to being home for the holidays.

Venturing home for the holiday season often comes hand-in-hand with a few too many helpings of dessert. It’s a time of indulgence that we welcome in the moment only to regret a few hours later.  

And working off that food becomes an ordeal when you are hundreds of miles away from your regular gym and guest passes for local gyms clock in at $20 a pop.

In those instances, Reebok trainer and eight-time Reebok CrossFit Games athlete Annie Thorisdottir recommends putting yourself (and hopefully your relatives, too) through a living room workout.

It’s something she does often with her family when they’re celebrating the holidays.

“My family never says no to a fun workout!” says Thorisdottir, who notes that equipment-free living room workouts are accessible to all ability levels, which is why they’re the perfect option when you have a big group together.

“Body-weight movements are great since they require no setup or equipment,” she says.

“If you're in great shape, you can increase the intensity or up the reps to get in a great workout.”

Thorisdottir says living room workouts are not only the solution after you’ve have a bit too much stuffing, but also the perfect option after the long travel day.

“Sitting is one of the worst things we can do with our bodies, so after a flight or long drive my body usually craves some stretching and moving around,” she says.

“I always plan to move around for an hour or so after I arrive because I know it will make me feel better.”

Looking to follow her lead?

She’s getting you started, demonstrating seven of the simple movements she often includes in her at-home workouts.

Good mornings


A good exercise to warm up with, stand up straight and rest the hands in the back of the head. Bend the chest forward while moving the butt back, attempting to form a 90-degree angle with the body. If necessary, bend the knees slightly. Raise the chest back up to the original position.

Jumping lunges


Step one leg forward, keeping the chest up and abs engaged. Bend the back leg behind so the knee strikes the ground. Jump up, switching legs in the air. Land with legs in the opposite positions they started in.

Pistol squats


Find a couch, chair or bench. Start in a seated position on that couch with one leg raised in the air and the other foot planted firmly on the ground. Stand up, keeping the raised leg up off the ground throughout the movement. 

Mountain climbers


Start in a plank position with the shoulders directly are over the hands, keeping the hips down. Bring the legs in one at a time, aiming for high intensity and controlled movements.

Pike pushups


In this twist on the classic pushup, start with feet planted on the ground in a "V" position and arms on the ground in front, slighly outside the head. Bend the body forward until the head touches the ground. Then, raise the body back up to the original position. 



Find two water bottles, pillows, books or other lightweight objects around the house. With elbows raised, hold those objects at the shoulders and squat down. As the body moves back up, raise the objects overhead so arms are fully extended.

Shoulder taps


Get into a plank position. Raise the right arm off the ground so it taps the left shoulder, and then bring the arm back down to its original position. Repeat with the left arm tapping the right shoulder. While moving the arms, try to keep the rest of the body still.

How do you plan to get in a workout while traveling this holiday season? Tweet @Reebok to let us know.

Experts / November 2017
Maureen Quirk, Global Newsroom