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Running / November 2017
Maureen Quirk, Global Newsroom

Let 26.2 Be Your Inspiration to Run 2.6

Marathons occur across the globe nearly every weekend, but it’s when one of the six major marathons is taking place that the world is really on notice.

If you’ve been lucky enough to witness one of these marathons in person, we don’t have to tell you twice about the insane, arguably incomparable energy that surrounds them. running-marathon-inspiration-1

“Road marathons tend to be much louder and busier,” says Greg Drach, the founder of Midnight Runners who has run over 20 marathons himself.

“The more iconic the race, the better. Supporters are lined up pretty much along the whole course all the way to the finish.”

Many of those supporters – heck, many people in general – are quick to claim they don’t run. But the excitement around a marathon is so contagious, it is enough to bring out that hidden urge to pound the pavement from even the most skeptical runners.

Drach says not to let that urge sneak away from you. 

“Let that 26.2 inspire you to get out there for 2.6,” he recommends, noting that once you go for that first run, motivating yourself to turn that into a second run and a third run will become much easier.

Let that 26.2 inspire you to get out there for 2.6.

His go-to advice to turn non-runners into future marathon prospects themselves: “Run it with someone else.”

“Find a friend of similar ability to you and make it social," says Drach.

running-marathon-inspiration-2"Non-runners tend not to like running because they find it boring and repetitive. But trust me, the social commitment you make with your friends will actually make you go for that run.” 

“Running with others will distract your thoughts that would normally make you stop,” he continues.

“Running can also take you to places where you haven't been before, even if it's just a new spot or path in your local park.”

Drach says looking at it from this perspective, rather than a mileage perspective, is often enough to turn the dial and get people to start seeing running in a more positive light.

“Start slow, limit the distance and only gradually increase both at your subsequent runs.”

Running with others will distract your thoughts that would normally make you stop,” he continues.

Follow these tips and soon enough that 2.6 could become a 26.2 of its own.

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Running / November 2017
Maureen Quirk, Global Newsroom