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Music / January 2018
Ali Cerasuolo, Global Newsroom

How to Rock Your Body to Pop Hits

Our most beloved ’90s boy band heartthrob turned solo artist finally announced the release of his long-anticipated new album and we can’t stop the feeling of excitement.

While the album drop is quickly approaching, there is still a week to wait. 

To avoid crying a river over your anticipation, we worked with New York City-based trainer Jess Sims to create a bodyweight workout inspired by the pop star’s greatest hits.

The workout will justify why you’re listening to his staples on repeat. 

“You don’t need any equipment for this, so there is really no excuse why you can’t be working out,” says Sims.   

Even if you’ve only got four minutes, Sims stresses that squeezing in these moves is a positive addition to any fitness routine.

“Music evokes such an emotion for people,” she continues.  

“It’s very uplifting, and I think it distracts people from what they’re doing, especially if you know the words.”

Conclusion: All those beats and choruses will take your mind off the fact you’re breaking a sweat. 

Just as choosing the right music to give you a 20/20 experience during your workout is a must, so is wearing the correct gear. 

Forget the restrictive suit & tie and opt for a more comfortable combination, including sneakers.

With the right gear and the right tunes, you’ll be ready to conquer whatever the songs throw your way. 

So, put your hair up and get ready!

Every time you hear the word “River”, do a blast off push-up. Warning: You may be crying from exhaustion in the end.


Start on all fours with knees elevated. Move quickly into a plank position and perform a push-up. From there, move back into plank position and then to the starting position. 

Every time you get this feeling in your body, do 5 sprinter sit-ups. 


Start with knees slightly bent and feet flat on the floor. Keep the shoulders slightly off the ground and extend the right leg about two inches off the floor. Quickly move the torso upright while pulling the right knee toward the chest and moving the left arm forward. It will look as if the body is sprinting. Repeat for the desired amount of reps and then switch sides. 

Want to sculpt a sexy back? Do 5 single leg deadlifts every time that phrase is mentioned.


Start off with both feet on the ground while standing straight and keeping the chest up. Slowly lift one leg by bending at the hip until that leg is parallel to the ground. Then return to the upright position. Repeat as many reps as desired and then switch legs. 

Every time a beat makes you want to rock your body, do 5 broad jumps. 


Stand tall with chest up and feet firmly on the ground. Then, jump as far as possible while staying balanced. Swing arms in rhythm with the jump to help power it. 

If the song is longer than 5 minutes, do plank-ups until the end.


Begin in a push-up position making sure that hands are under the shoulders. Lower the upper body down one elbow at a time while keeping the lower body straight. Then, press the hands into the floor one at a time and return to the push-up position. 

Every time you hear an exclamation, such as “Yeah!” or “Woo!”, do 5 pendulum lunges.


Start with hands on the hips and feet shoulder width apart. Step the right foot forward and lower the body until both knees are at a 90-degree angle. Then, take the right leg and lift it up to the chest and then behind. Once the reps have been completed, switch legs.

Every time you hear the vocals turn electronic, do 5 burpees.


Bend over, placing the hands on the floor. Jump both feet back while dropping the chest to the ground. Then, jump both feet back up toward the hands, explosively jumping up with hands overhead, fully extending the hips. 

Which movement did you end up performing the most? Tweet @Reebok, and we’ll see if we can guess the songs you were listening to as a result.

Music / January 2018
Ali Cerasuolo, Global Newsroom