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Studio / January 2018
Danielle Rines, Global Newsroom

Can Nina Dobrev Ace This Workout Test?

Actress Nina Dobrev is no stranger to sweating it out. She works out hard and pushes herself to her limit.

While the Reebok and Les Mills ambassador may be crushing her Les Mills GRIT workouts, we wanted to find out just how far she’s really come on her workout journey.

“I’ve learned a lot about technique and form and how important that is to my success,” says Dobrev.

 So in honor of National Trivia Day, we asked Dobrev’s Les Mills trainer, Lissa Bankston, to put her through some tough workout trivia to see what she’s really learned.

If she answers incorrectly? Weight goes on the bar, and it’s time to squat!

“I have learned that Les Mills puts a crazy amount of research into each workout, and each workout is put together with the intention to make me look and feel my best,” Dobrev says.

While she may not have gotten the first question about the hardest working muscle in her body (Answer: the heart), it seemed like Dobrev has been doing her homework.

When Bankston asked how many HIIT sessions a week she should be doing for optimal performance, Dobrev didn’t even flinch. This girl knows what it takes.

“Two,” she says.

She was also well aware that exercise releases endorphins.

As she continues to progress in her workout regimen and learn more, Dobrev now encourages others to start their own journeys and not be intimidated.

“You should never feel like you are alone in the journey,” she says. “Everyone in a class, whether you are the most fit person in the room or the newbie, goes through the pain. So just start and know you are not alone!” Les Mills workouts always have options, so you can pick the right level for your fitness.

Even when Bankston’s questions got harder, like a true or false question about the word gymnasium coming from the Greek work “gymasian” meaning “to exercise naked” (Answer: True), Dobrev powered through her squats.

“The pain is worth the result, and every time I have to push through a move or an interval I have to think of the good it is doing for my body,” she says.


Dobrev says it’s the education and science of the Les Mills workouts that makes her and others, want to keep going.

“It’s because of the way they craft the workout, that people want to come back and want to do it again,” she says. 

While Dobrev may have looked at Bankston like she was the enemy during this particular trivia exercise as she sweated through the final squat with a full bar of weight, there’s really no one else she’d want by her side.

“Having a strong relationship with your trainer is huge,” she says.

“You want to be with someone who you can trust, who wants you to be successful and is willing to fight for you when you want to quit. “I love Lissa [Bankston], she has pushed me to be the best, strongest version of me! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been ready to throw in the towel.”

Were you able to answer all of the @LesMills trivia questions correctly? Tweet @ReebokWomen and tell us!

Studio / January 2018
Danielle Rines, Global Newsroom