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Style / July 2018
Brittany Burke

Gigi Hadid Wants Every Woman To Find Her Inner Strength

Make no mistake about it: Gigi Hadid is on a mission. Whether she’s on social media or walking a runway, she wants women everywhere to understand how much they are capable of when they support each other, honor themselves, and stand up for what they think is right.

“I think the most important transition happening in the world is people starting to find their power and their voice,” she says. “I’m so inspired by all the young people using their voices in really brave ways.”

Hadid is a part of Reebok’s new Be More Human campaign, which shines a light on women who are transforming themselves and the world around them.

Every woman in the campaign, which can be found at shares their own story of overcoming barriers to become their best self. Gal Gadot, Danai Gurira, Gigi Hadid, Ariana Grande and Nathalie Emmanuel tell their stories right alongside women who’ve built organizations that are making history, like Reese Scott’s Women’s World of Boxing Gym and Shannon Kim Wager’s Women’s Strength Coalition.

“To be more human is to not let expectations scare you from having off days, from being yourself, or from experiencing life,” she says.

Sometimes, that means meeting yourself where you are, and not putting pressure on yourself to be more like someone—anyone!—else.

Part of what inspires and energizes Hadid is her fitness routine. “Fitness has always played a really huge role in my life,” says Hadid. “I think my work ethic, my motivation, my ability to change the channel when things aren’t going right really stems from my experience with volleyball and horseback riding.”

Breaking down barriers, defying limits, challenging the status quo is a lot more fun with your girls right beside you.And while her current routine includes a little bit more boxing than spiking and serving, the effect is the same. “I love feeling like I’m learning and improving — that’s how I stay motivated,” she says.

Hadid also leans on the women closest to her to help her feel stronger, and to make more of an impact, collectively. “Breaking down barriers, defying limits, challenging the status quo is a lot more fun with your girls right beside you,” she says. We tend to agree. 

Join the women making change at and #bemorehuman.

Style / July 2018
Brittany Burke