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Experts / August 2018
Brittany Burke, Global Newsroom

Danai Gurira Believes A Sisterhood Can Accomplish Anything

If you ask actress and playwright Danai Gurira what it means to be more human, you better be prepared to take notes on her response. “It’s being more present in the world that you are a part of, and allowing love to be the thing that overrides everything,” she says. “Once you actually pursue loving others above judgment, personal convictions, and settling into your corner where you’re comfortable….choosing love definitely makes you more human.”

Fittingly, Gurira is a part of Reebok’s groundbreaking Be More Human campaign, which shines a light on women who are transforming themselves and the world around them.

Every woman in the campaign, which can be found at shares their own story of overcoming barriers to become their best self. Gal Gadot, Danai Gurira, Gigi Hadid, Ariana Grande and Nathalie Emmanuel tell their stories right alongside women who’ve built organizations that are making history, like Reese Scott’s Women’s World of Boxing Gym and Shannon Kim Wager’s Women’s Strength Coalition.

According to Gurira, there’s a lot of strength in such a strong grouping of women. “There’s nothing more powerful than a room full of women, or a community of women enjoying each other’s gifts, empowering and celebrating one another,” she says. “It’s profoundly crucial to moving forward. And women are really good at that.” 

Sometimes, all it takes is a pairing of two women together to make that progress—and it can even happen in a gym, or on the road, or wherever she fits in a workout. “A trainer who takes me out of my comfort zones is key to my journey with my fitness,” she says. The journey is worth it to ensuring that she stays on top of her game and ready for the work that comes of changing the world, lifting up others, and making her art.

“When my body feels strong and fit, I feel fearless. I feel powerful. I feel alive. I feel thankful, and I feel ready,” she says.

Gurira channels that strength at work, and every day, she sets out to make a difference in a truly personal way. “Something really cool about the characters I’ve been able to play is that their concepts of beauty, and the concept of what women should feel proud about has been flipped on its head,” she says. “We have that power, and we have that right to change the narrative of beauty. I think that’s really catching on, and it’s awesome.”

Those characters have allowed her to try to tap into what makes her unique, and use that to strengthen the world around her. It’s an uncomplicated thought that has an incredible effect—and an even bigger impact than you might imagine one person can have. “The best version of yourself is finding your authenticity,” she says.

To do that, Gurira aims to give herself the grace and balance to recharge without ever losing focus. “It’s crucial to me that I’m taking care of myself and making sure that my body is healthy and as whole as it can be so that I can be a full participant of this life I’ve been given,” she says.

Join the women making change at human, and #bemorehuman

Experts / August 2018
Brittany Burke, Global Newsroom