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Experts / August 2018
Brittany Burke, Global Newsroom

Gal Gadot Isn't Afraid To Lead By Example

When you’re busy being an actress, mom, wife, and friend, every second you can take for yourself counts. That’s why Gal Gadot makes the most of hers.

“I try to find time for myself to listen to music, meditate, and surround myself with people I love,” she says. “It’s definitely a good thing to do.” Focusing on the things that make her feel more human can make a difference in her day—and it’s a passion point for Reebok, too.

Gadot is bringing her unique perspective to Reebok’s groundbreaking Be More Human campaign, which shines a light on women who are transforming themselves and the world around them.

Every woman in the campaign, which can be found at shares their own story of overcoming barriers to become their best self. Gal Gadot, Danai Gurira, Gigi Hadid, Ariana Grande and Nathalie Emmanuel tell their stories right alongside women who’ve built organizations that are making history, like Reese Scott’s Women’s World of Boxing Gym and Shannon Kim Wager’s Women’s Strength Coalition.

For Gadot, being more human is about taking care of others as much as it is about taking care of herself. “To me, be more human means to be compassionate, and inclusive, and do good in the world.”

Part of what makes Gadot feel strong enough to do good is her killer fitness routine, from relying on cross-training and cardio in her daily workouts, to focusing on stretching and strengthening so that she can take care of her body and improve her flexibility. And she credits her mother as the inspiration for making her such an active person. “She’s a PE teacher, so I grew up doing lots of sports,” she says. “She never let us just sit and veg out in front of the TV. We were always very active.”

That sense of adventure and activity has come in handy throughout Gadot’s life, but she credits another of her mom’s teachings as being even more valuable. “She always taught us to really value ourselves, and believe in ourselves, and follow our dreams,” she says.

It’s something that Gadot uses as a guiding principle in everything that she does, and every decision that she makes. “I’m a big believer that we should all aspire to be the best version of ourselves, and to do good,” she says, “Being more human has a lot to do with doing good for yourself first, and then for the world. If you do something good to someone, then he’ll do it for someone else, and on and on.”

Join the women making change at human, and #bemorehuman

Experts / August 2018
Brittany Burke, Global Newsroom