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Experts / September 2018
Brittany Burke, Global Newsroom

Shannon Kim Wagner is Empowering Women to See Their Potential Through Powerlifting

Before she started power lifting, Shannon Kim Wagner had no idea what it would do for her. “I struggled most of my life with an eating disorder, abuse, and some form of body dysmorphia,” she says. 

When she introduced weight lifting into her routine, everything changed. “It made me feel physically and mentally stronger. I had never felt enough, but I felt like I was able to make myself enough through lifting.”

She became a strength and conditioning specialist to help other people with similar experiences, and eventually, the Women’s Strength Coalition was born. 

Led by Wagner, the group makes strength training accessible to all women, and hosts events across the country to benefit social justice nonprofits, like the Pull for Pride event which raised $30,000 for LGBTQ youth.  

The future, she says, is all about continuing to support social justice causes, while also empowering women to see the potential that powerlifting has to help them persevere, heal, resist, and speak up. 

“Our events are ways for women to use their strength to advocate for things that matter to them,” she says. 

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Experts / September 2018
Brittany Burke, Global Newsroom