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Style / September 2018
Danielle Rines, Global Newsroom

For Bodega Bamz Success Is All About His Community

If you haven’t noticed, in the entertainment industry, you can’t just be one thing anymore. You’re not only a singer or only an actor anymore. New York rapper and actor Bodega Bamz knows that, and he’s never put a limit on his talent. Now, he has a successful career to show for it—one that he couldn’t even imagine when he got his start.

Growing up in Spanish Harlem, Bamz used his surroundings as inspiration for his lyrics. Bamz started recording music in 2012 and is part of the Tanboys movement, a Latino collective helping to uplift and promote culture. Bamz does this through his lyrics and is proud to showcase his heritage. 

“A big thing about us is that we’re proud to be who we are and where we come from. Tanboys is a collective, it’s a movement,” he says.

Bamz’s dedication to his craft is what has built him the authentic fan base he has now. And Bamz says he couldn’t have done it alone—nor would he want to. For him, it’s about bringing the people around him along for the ride as well. It’s about the bigger message, the heart of his music and who he does creates for: his community.

“We needed something to bring Bodega Bamz up, we needed something to not only focus on the solo artist but focus on the group coming from Spanish Harlem.” 

As part of Reebok Classics Alter The Icons campaign, Bodega Bamz is showing how he’s defying the norm and achieving success on his own terms. The campaign is inspired by future icons who have defied convention, a fusion of ‘80s product and ‘90s branding, bringing a new energy to classic silhouettes.

While music will always be part of his life, Bamz had a love for acting early on in his life and in 2017 landed a role in a hit TV show, shaking things up for his career. Leaning more into acting has allowed him to evolve his music and grow his sound, allowing his fans to experience a new side to him. With both creative avenues Bamz has reached people he never would have if he had just stayed in one lane. By daring to explore opportunities, Bamz has been able to achieve his goals and become recognized for his talents. 

For Bodega Bamz, taking an unconventional route and altering his path worked. Bamz has had a major influence in the underground music scene and continues to inspire through music and style. He creates for his fans and will continue to bring his creativity to them during his North American tour this year. 

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Style / September 2018
Danielle Rines, Global Newsroom