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Style / September 2018
Danielle Rines, Global Newsroom

Boost Your Pin Game with this Reebok Classic x PINTRILL Collab

Sometimes making a statement with your clothing isn’t enough. You need that extra added element to really stand out. Your sneakers need to be fresh, so it’s a good thing that Reebok Classic is releasing their 90s Aztrek silhouette in new colorways to keep your rotation on point.

But that’s not all.  

Solid accessories are also crucial for taking an outfit to the next level. That’s why Reebok Classic has partnered with PINTRILL to create a dope throwback inspired pin collection to go with those kicks.

Back in the days of grunge and punk rock, patches and pins were a necessary part of self-expression. In the last few years, from high fashion runways to hipster boutiques, pins have made a big come back and PRINTRILL founder Jordan Roschwalb says this is just the beginning.

“Pins will begin to integrate more and more into people's daily accessories,” he says. “That same way you have multiple pairs of sunglasses for different outfits or different kicks, people will integrate pins more and more. Because of that, we will begin to see innovation in apparel that promotes pinning.”

Whether they’re on leather or jean jackets, hats, or on your kicks, pins give you that versatility and allow you to express yourself with a little extra flair. 

“What makes the Reebok Classics pins unique is that they play off a vintage vibe and create a visual identity that really stands out,” says Roschwalb. “From the color choices on the sneaker pins, to the irregular shape cut of the Classics logo, the pins truly give off a unique vibe.”

As a pin collector himself, Roschwalb actually started PINTRILL as a visual way of expressing his own individuality and style. 

“PINTRILL started as a way to express my own personal creativity and the need to release creative energy. PINTRILL continues to grow because of the passion I have for pins and for collecting in general.”

So whether it’s a subtle nod to a brand you want to support, your favorite band or a cause you believe in, don’t sleep on this trend to kick your kicks up a notch.  

“I think pins have really had a resurgence because of personalization and customization. People want to be individuals and pins really allow for that.”  

To get your gift with purchase Reebok Classic x PINTRILL  click here  and use the code  AZTREK .

Style / September 2018
Danielle Rines, Global Newsroom