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Studio / February 2019
Maureen Quirk, Reebok

How To Install SPD Compatible Cleats Onto Spin Shoes

Bet you didn’t know that spin shoes are actually two pieces: cleats that clip in to the bike, and the shoes themselves that you slip on. Here, we’re teaching you how to use them both to have your best indoor cycling experience.

The most nerve wracking moment of your first spin class (also known as indoor cycling) may come before the class itself even begins. Whether you’re renting shoes from the front desk or you’ve brought your own, figuring out how to get those cycling shoes to clip into the bike is a challenge all its own.

Heck, the first class I attended, I wasn’t even aware there was a need to install SPD compatible cleats on my shoes. There I was, unsure why my shoes wouldn’t clip into the bike. Turns out, the shoes themselves can’t clip into anything—you need to attach cleats for that! 

For those like myself who have been that clueless spinner, or more experienced spinners who are looking to purchase their own pair of spin shoes so they can stop using the studio’s rentals, here is a breakdown of how to install cleats onto your indoor cycling shoes

Recognize That You Do, In Fact, Need Cycling Shoes

It seems like you cannot walk a block in a city anymore without passing a spin studio. Before entering one of those studios, most of us have the same question: Do you need cycling shoes for spinning? Chances are the instructors at any of these studios will give you the same ‘yes’ in response. While spin bikes of the past were equipped with straps that allowed you to wear your normal gym sneakers on the bike, ]most spin studios now mandate that you wear cycling shoes during class. The difference between spinning in regular sneakers and cycling shoes is that cycling shoes can literally clip into the bike’s pedals, essentially locking your feet into the bike. This will allow you to feel more stable and supported on the bike, which is especially important if you’re taking a class that includes choreography like tap backs and push-ups.   

Purchase All The Necessary Items

Here’s the thing: Your spin shoes will never successfully clip into a spin bike if they do not have cleats on them, but the cleats do not come attached to the shoes. Yep, that means that the rental shoes in your favorite spin studio are actually two pieces—the shoes and cleats are sold separately. When purchasing spin shoes, be sure to also purchase a pair of SPD compatible cleats. They should come in a pack of two, as you’ll need one for each shoe.


Install The Cleats

You will need a small wrench or screwdriver in order to install cleats onto spin shoes. Allot about five minutes for the installation process to take place.

Take the first cleat out of the packaging and turn the shoe onto its back. Near the center of the back of the shoe, you will see two holes. Likewise, the cleat will contain two holes. Place the cleat over that spot on the back of the shoe so the holes on the cleat and the holes on the shoe line up. The triangular portion of the cleat should be pointing up towards the top of the shoe and one screw should hover over each hole. Note: the screws come within the cleats so you do not need to purchase screws separately.   



Use your wrench or screwdriver to attach the cleat into place by screwing the screws into the holes. Tighten the screws until they’re level with the cleat itself, not raised up above the cleat. Once you’ve finished installing the cleat on one shoe, repeat the process on the next shoe. The finished product should look like the picture below.  



Purchase spin shoes or SPD compatible cleats.

Studio / February 2019
Maureen Quirk, Reebok