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Running / July 2019
Maureen Quirk, Reebok

The Best Running Shoes for Men: Which Pair Is Right For You?

Find the best pair of running shoes to support your goal—whether that’s to complete a marathon or hit the pavement two mornings a week.

Ever ask a friend for a running sneaker recommendation and have them start explaining the differences between neutral shoes and stability shoes? Or maybe they told you about the time back in high school when they had their stride analyzed in order to figure out which type of shoe was best for their foot.  

While that friend’s answer may have initially confused you (why can’t they just tell you a specific shoe to buy?), they were, in fact,  giving you valuable information. As you likely gauged from that conversation, there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to running sneakers. The best shoe differs person to person based on your gait, your arch type, your intended mileage and the terrain you plan to run on, among other factors.   

That said, we don’t all know our arch type off the top of our head. But, there are a few factors you can align on before buying running shoes. You know whether you’ll be running two miles or 200 miles each week. You know if speed or distance is your priority. Based on these factors, we are breaking down the best running shoes for men.  

If you're looking to buy one shoe for your everyday runs: Forever Floatride Energy Shoe

If you are the man who can’t run the same loop over and over, and instead mixes up the locations and distances you run day to day, you’re not alone! Most individuals would grow bored clocking the same five mile loop Monday through Friday;  runners  who fall into this camp look to incorporate variety into their runs. If you want one pair of running shoes that will support these runs of all varieties, Forever Floatride Energy is the shoe for you. Forever Floatride Energy is designed for everyday running, and Reebok’s Floatride foam technology (which you’ll find in several different Reebok running shoes) cushions feet while staying incredibly lightweight. This shoe, which is the newest offering of those shoes containing the Floatride technology, also has a mesh upper which provides ventilation. Translation: your feet won’t feel sweaty.     


Reebok Forever Floatride Energy, $100; Reebok.com

If you prefer a knit look for your everyday running shoe: Floatride Run  Shoe

When it comes to Reebok’s Floatride foam, this running shoe – the Floatride Run – was the model that introduced the technology to the world. Like the Forever Floatride Energy, it has lightweight cushioning, is breathable and suitable for runs of varied lengths and terrains. One of the biggest differences is that this model has a knit upper, rather than a mesh upper. If you're a man who prefers the knit look, the Floatride Run Ultraknit is the shoe for you.


Reebok Floatride Run, $150; Reebok.com  

If you're doing speed work: Sweet Road 2 Shoe

Looking to PR your 5K in 2019? If so, chances are you’re incorporating more speed work into your runs. The Sweet Road 2 is a great running shoe for this uptempo mileage. Don’t be confused; these are not race day shoes that will only last a handful of wears, nor are they meant to only be worn by those who consider themselves to have speed. Speed work encompasses any intervals or track work you’re doing in an effort to increase your personal speed and improve  your  times. Think: 400 meter repeats on the track or upping your pace to a sprint at every third telephone pole when running in the city. The Sweet Road 2 contains a KooshRide Core which is engineered to be long-lasting so your running shoes still feel responsive and cushioned at mile 200 and 300.   You’ll be able to run at this quicker pace without having to worry about your shoes wearing out as a result.  


Reebok Sweet Road 2, $100; Reebok.com

If it's race day: Floatride Run Fast Shoe

When most people run their first 10K or half marathon, they wear the same running sneakers they’ve been training in for race day. This makes sense as you’ve become accustomed to running long miles in them during your training so you know your feet feel comfortable in them. But, once you’ve run a few races of the same length, if you’re looking to improve your time, investing in a pair of race day running shoes could be a smart option to help you hit that next PR. Enter: the Floatride Run Fast. This running shoe contains the same award-winning Floatride technology found in the Forever Floatride Energy and Floatride Run, but here, that foam technology is incorporated into a shoe that is built specifically for speed. At 5.4 ounces, the Floatride Run Fast is incredibly lightweight which will allow you to feel lighter on your feet during the race and provide a more responsive feel against the ground. Note: the Floatride Run Fast will certainly last you more than one race. While this running shoe is not intended to be worn every single day, you can definitely get multiple races out of them.  


Reebok Floatride Run Fast, $140; Reebok.com     

If that race is a marathon: Harmony Road 2 Shoe

While the Floatride Run Fast, mentioned above, is an ideal race day shoe, if the race you're scheduled to run is a marathon, you may prefer a shoe with more cushioning. The Harmony Road 2 will provide you with that desired cushioning for the entire 26.2 mile distance. Engineered to provide a smooth, consistent feeling over the course of a long run, the Harmony Road 2 is also a great choice for your longer training runs in lead up to the marathon. 


Reebok Harmony Road 2, $120; Reebok.com

If you want sneakers that work for both running and on the streets: Reebok FlashFilm Shoe

Looking to shine during your next race? The Reebok FlashFilm are the running shoes for anyone who’s not afraid to rock something attention-grabbing. They’re so cool that you’ll want to rock them even when you’re not going on a run. The FlashFilm midsole is lightweight and ultra-responsive, so you can make every stride count. The midsole has also been wrapped in metallic polyurethane film, so you’ll stay visible on your runs. Is it a rest day? This metallic sole is the ultimate eye-catching detail, so you can even wear these running shoes when you’re on the go. These men’s running sneakers are for anyone looking for the perfect balance of style and support. They have been designed to be versatile. They’re durable enough to get you through long runs, yet light enough that they won’t slow you down on your shorter-distance runs. You can have it all in the Reebok FlashFilm running sneakers.
Reebok Flashfilm, $80; Reebok.com

If you’re looking for style: Sole Fury Adapt Shoe

If you’re a runner who prioritizes style, then the Sole Fury Adapt is just what you need. You’ll find yourself lacing these up even on the days you’re not working out. These men’s running shoes are a street style essential, and they also boast some cool features to help you power through your next run. The Sole Fury Adapt is an updated version of the InstaPump Fury, which first launched in 1994. This style became an icon, and this spinoff is a new take on the legendary classic. The split midsole on these men’s running sneakers serves as a nod to Reebok’s past. You can count on staying comfy thanks to the soft, stretchy upper on these running shoes. The fabric has been constructed with flexible mesh so that you can breathe even when your run gets long. The InstaPump Fury launched in 1994 and became a legend among sneakerheads. These running shoes update the iconic design for today. The split midsole provides flexibility with a nod to Reebok's past while the stretchy upper keeps you comfortable. These running shoes are just the right blend of iconic history and on-trend, modern details. The futuristic style of these shoes is designed for runners who aren’t afraid to be daring. Rock the Sole Fury Adapt if you’re on the hunt for fashion that meets function with your next pair of kicks. 
Sole Fury Adapt, $80; Reebok.com

If you need comfort and mobility: ZigWild TR 5.0 Shoe

Amp it up in the ZigWild TR 5.0, which provides mobility that will help you crush your next run. These men’s running sneakers have been created with ZigTech. This technology doesn’t just look unique-it’s also gonna help you take your run to the next level. The ZigTech midsole disperses energy to help provide enhanced cushioning from the start to finish of your runs. So, you’ll be covered from heel strike to toe-off in these innovative running sneakers. This running shoe can also be worn for cardio sessions and other gym workouts with quick transitions. If you’re on the hunt for comfort meets mobility when running, go with the ZigWild TR 5.0.
ZigWild TR 5.0, $90; Reebok.com

If you’re running through different types of terrain: All Terrain Super 3.0 Shoe 

The All Terrain Super 3.0 running sneakers were made to be compatible with the ever-changing conditions in nature. Ready to take on any type of terrain, these running shoes will be your go-to outdoor option. Whether it’s an obstacle course, race day, or any other outdoor activity, these running shoes are up for the challenge. They have been designed with H20 Drain technology which moves water from sidewalls quickly. This allows you to stay focused on the course. Are you looking for traction? The 5.10 rubber outsole offers 360-degree support in any condition. The durable rubber lugs offer even more traction to help you as you’re making your way to the finish line. This outsole of these men’s running shoes allows you to grip virtually any surface, which will come in handy if things get slippery. You’ll also find an underfoot rock guard that will offer you protection while you’re pushing your pace. Log the miles in the All Terrain Super 3.0-the ultimate in outdoor running sneakers. 
All Terrain Super 3.0, $130; Reebok.com

If you want breathability: Floatride Run Flexweave Shoe 

Long-distance runners know how essential it is to wear sneakers that can handle all of the impact that comes with the duration of your workouts. The Floatride Run Flexweave are ideal running sneakers for anyone training for a marathon or a 10K. This men’s running sneaker is quintessential for anyone who is upping their mileage. Are you trying to improve your time on race day? If so, these are the running shoes for you. They have been created with award-winning Floatride technology. This pair boasts the lightest and most responsive cushioning yet, so you don’t have to worry about anything weighing you down on your next run. The innovation of Floatride is combined with Flexweave technology, creating a match made in heaven. Flexweave is a woven figure-8 material that provides breathability and durability. Think comfort meets strength in these men’s running shoes. Get ready to hit a PR during your next race with the support of the Floatride Run Flexweave. 
Reebok Floatride Run Flexweave, $144.97; Reebok.com 

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Running / July 2019
Maureen Quirk, Reebok
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